Hi, we are Krasen and Ying Ying. Krasen is from Bulgaria, and Ying Ying is from China. We are passionate about geography and history, and we believe that the best way to experience it is by exploring the Earth in reality, not in a school, and not virtually.

So, we created this blog Journey Beyond the Horizon, where we share geographical knowledge, travel guides and tips how to experience it when you explore our planet, and a lot of inspiration.

And we wish you a happy journey, not just virtually, but most of all- in reality.


Read below our guide about geography and travel:

Exploring geography of the Earth

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10 MOST CHALLENGING TRAVEL PLACES ON THE EARTH    Special gear that every traveler needs to explore the Earth

Travel tips and resources:

How to prepare for a trip- travel plans drawing

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June 28, 2023
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June 26, 2023

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