12 Travel Tips For Backpackers Traveling To Canada

12 Travel Tips For Backpackers Traveling To Canada

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In life, we all dream of traveling overseas at least once. However, people prefer visiting Canada because of its vast expanses of all the countries abroad. Unfortunately, not many can step into Canada because of the high traveling expenses. Although you have to possess a fat purse to make plans for traveling to Canada, it is worth the visit. Indeed, no matter whether you move to Canada from the US, or just go on an adventurous journey, it is sure to cost you quite a lot. However, there are some backpacking tips, which, if you follow, will allow you to visit the place on a budget. Ready to know to get the best 12 tips for backpacking on a budget in Canada? Here you go! 

1. Choose skiing on a budget

Canada can be considered the skiing hub with many top skiing resorts like Blackcomb and Whistler. If you have skiing experience, you can ski in Canada on a budget. If you want to ski on a budget in Canada, there are three main tips that you should follow. First, look for ski towns near the mountains and stay there. Second, buy life passes online to grab some fantastic discounts. Third, check and avail of ski packages that provide rebates. 

2. Ditch hotels, embrace hostels

In most urban cities in Canada, the backpackers will come across many hostels. However, in rural areas of Canada, the number of hostels is more. So, the more staying options you have, the less will be the charges levied. Generally, the dorm bed charges begin from CAD$30 per night.

Along with the stay in the dorms, you are provided with free Wi-Fi and wholesome breakfast. Again, if you choose the HI hostels membership, you will get a discount of at least 10% on the hostel charges and some savings on bus charges, food, and other activities. 

3. Find out free walking tours

If you want to learn about the city and explore Canada more, you choose walking tours. Here, a guide will take you through the nooks and corners of the city and tell you about the history. In the end, all you need to do is to tip the guide. You can contact the Tour Guys for walking tours to organize different tours in Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa. Besides, free walking tours are also available at Halifax, Quebec, and Montreal.  

12 Travel Tips For Backpackers Traveling To Canada

4. Pick your most favored destinations

Canada is said to be the second-largest country globally, with Russia acquiring the first position. Therefore, it is sure to be expensive. In every nook and corner of the country, you are sure to find costly national parks and amusement zones. So, the best idea here would be to choose those top destinations that you don’t want to miss in Canada. Also, check which one’s more cost-effective – western Canada or easter Canada? 

5. Look for flying alternatives

In a big country like Canada, flying is the most suitable and quickest option. However, if your objective is to save your pockets, opt for the national rail service in Canada, the VIA rail, which will take you across the country. Not only is it expensive, but if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the countryside, traveling by train is the ideal solution. Besides trains, you can choose bus services like Megabus, Greyhound, and BoltBus. 

6. Buy gas from Native Reserve

If you are on a drive in Canada, you need adequate gas for the vehicle to move. When willing to purchase gas on a budget, what else can be better than the Native Indian Reserves on the First Nation land! To locate and find a gas station close by, you can head to the Rex Gas website. When you buy gas from these locations, you help the occupation of the local communities. 

7. Share rides

Besides riding, there is an alternative to it that you can avail of. It is ridesharing. With the popularity of social media, rideshares are gaining momentum. Someone in the social media posts where they are going. If you are traveling on the same route, you can share the ride with him. As a result, the ride charge gets divided. Some of the standard rideshare websites are Kangaride and Share Your Ride. 

12 Travel Tips For Backpackers Traveling To Canada

8. Couchsurfing

One of the most remarkable ways to save money would be to go couch surfing, where you can sleep on someone else’s spare bed. Not only will it help you to save money, but it also allows you to meet the locals of Canada. If you have some obligation to sleep in a stranger’s house or apartment, you can meet a local and get insider tips. 

9. Opt for free festivals

When you plan to pay a visit to Canada, make sure to choose a time when the city is decked up in festivals. Generally, Canadians prefer staying outdoors in the warmer months. Therefore, you can expect to be a part of many social events in Canada, provided you visit the place in the summer. 

10. Parks pass

If you want to roam around in the national parks in Canada, it would be great to avail a Parks Pass. With the Parks Pass, you can access the national parks at a discounted rate. Furthermore, in the year 2017, the Discovery Pass was given for free to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada. 

11. Shop from the local community

When you travel to a foreign location, shopping is an integral part. During shopping too, you can save some money. When going out for meals, opt for those places that prepare meals in a kitchen and have a limited seating arrangement. The more grandeur you look for, the costlier it is. 

12. Set your foot off-season

If you want to travel to Canada but have a limited budget, choose to book your tickets in the off-season. Avoid summer months (June to August) and in the winters (December and January). An ideal time would be to visit between September and November during the fall. 


For travelers and backpackers, Canada would be a great place to visit. It is a wonderful country with gorgeous landscapes and rich culture. Enjoy the beach in Vancouver, walk through the Canadian Rockies, and make unforgettable memories.

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The best 12 best travel backpacking tips for traveling in Canada to help backpackers to explore the country on a budget. The best 12 best travel backpacking tips for traveling in Canada to help backpackers to explore the country on a budget. The best 12 best travel backpacking tips for traveling in Canada to help backpackers to explore the country on a budget.

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