5 Best Hiking Trips Across the Globe

5 Best Hiking Trips Across the Globe

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There is an abundance of incredible hiking trips across the globe. But there are some that are simply bucket-list worthy and stand out from the rest. Whether this is because of their challenging complexity, the technical knowledge needed to complete them, or just the breathtakingly beautiful scenery that they offer, these hiking trips are the ones everyone with a sense of adventure dreams of tackling. We’ve rounded up the 5 hiking trips that we rate the best and that are ideal for any avid hiker with a thirst for adventure and tasting the geography of the Earth.

1. 14 Day Everest Base Camp Hike

The trek to the Everest base camp is the adventure of a lifetime. This fourteen day journey is one of the most beautiful, challenging, and renowned hikes in all of Nepal—some might even say the world. You’ll need to be fit and experienced in hiking long distances at high altitudes if you want to tackle this route. You’ll climb a total of 3,000m in altitude, and this can take some acclimatizing.

Over the course of this intensive two week hike, you will experience a broad variety of landscapes, architecture, cuisine, and local communities. The timeless culture of the Sherpa, Rai, and Tamang ethnicities welcome respectful exploration and engagement.

This two-week hike starts in Kathmandu, one of Nepal’s most popular cities. You’ll make your way through the dramatic sceneries of the Khumbu region, including a stop at Sagarmatha National Park, another cultural and environmental must-see for any foreign traveler.

From there, you’ll pass through brilliant glaciers, striking moraines, and ancient Buddhist monasteries. The trek calls for exploration through a variety of different climate zones and natural landscapes, making the journey a continuously exciting and colorful one.

On the Everest Base Camp trek
On the Everest Base Camp trek

Everest isn’t the only monumental mountain peak in this region. Along the way, you’ll have the privilege of seeing three of the globe’s tallest peaks: Lhotse, Makalu, Pumori, and Cho Oyu. Being immersed in this unique and ancient mountain trek is unlike anything you will experience elsewhere.

2. K2 High Altitude Glacier Trek

The K2 base camp trek in Pakistan is an unmissable adventure for any avid hiker who loves the mountains. Starting in the small, remote village of Askole, this dynamic hiking trail takes its travelers through the gorgeous Braldu Valley, up onto the Baltoro Glacier, and winding up all the way to Concordia.

Unlike the Everest base camp trek, where the peaks are more of a distant beacon, this hike allows for completely unimpeded perspectives on the glorious glaciers and satellite peaks.

Although the K2 base camp trek has been more of a hidden gem in the past, hikers from across the globe are now waking up to the extensive natural beauty that Pakistan’s most famous high altitude trek offers. As its popularity grows, so does its level of accessibility.

A more advanced trail, the K2 trek requires moderate to intermediate experience as the altitude goes up to 16,400 feet above sea level. You’ll also need to be comfortable using an ice pick. Trekkers should be confident with crampons, and willing to tackle high passes at unexpected times should the circumstances require it.

K2 is often placed second to Everest in terms of notoriety and height, but this stunning hiking trail gets first prize for its visually grand landscapes and otherworldly glacial perspectives.

Majestic K2
Majestic K2

3. 29 Day Lycian Trail Passing Through 25 Historical Sites

Turkey’s Lycian Way trail is the historical hiker’s greatest dream. The country’s first and most popular long distance trek route, this almost month-long hike entails traversing through 25 of Turkey’s most beautiful historical sites, making this a truly unique and cultural hiking experience.

540 kilometers in total and ranging in altitude from 0m to 1,800m above sea level, the Lycian Trail starts in the village of Ovacik and ends in beautiful Antalya. Throughout the journey, you will have the extreme privilege of passing through Kayakoy, Xanthos, Letoon, Kabak beach, Patara, and enigmatic Butterfly Valley.

This trail is packed with ancient ruins, expansive 18 kilometer beaches, and mountainous descents. You will also get to experience the buzz of Turkish culture, food, and community through local towns.

The name “Lycia” is the historical word for the coastal Tekke region, a peninsula that the crystalline turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the many factors that make the Lycian Trail particularly popular is the fact that it is so adaptable. If you’re short on time or not up to doing the full 29 days, you can choose to end it at 7 or 14 days and still have an incredible, if not slightly more leisurely, experience. You can also opt to stay in hotels or pansiyon along the way.

View of the Mediterranean Coast from the Lycian Trail
View of the Mediterranean Coast from the Lycian Trail

4. 750km European Alpe-Adria-Trail

The paradisiacal Alpe-Adria trail links together the three regions of Carinthia, Slovenia, and Friuli-Venetia Giulia. The trail consists of 43 different stages and averages at 750 kilometers—which may sound very long, but the views and gentle climbs make it well worth the duration.

Along this rich and beautiful trail, you will enjoy a variety of natural wonders. A path designed specifically for pleasure hikers, you’d be hard pressed to find one more exquisite than this one.

Starting in Austria, this trail kicks off at the highest mountain in the region, Grossglockner. It then weaves into Carinthia, a stunning lake region, before reaching the intersecting point between Slovenia and Friuli-Venetia Giulia, called Dreiländereck. From there, it moves on to Muggia.

At Muggia, you will gain access to the gorgeous Adriatic sea, where you can rest after your long distance journey. This is a great trail if you enjoy taking in lots of different cultures and landscapes at once.

Each of the 43 stages are roughly 20 kilometers each, giving travelers the option to stop at each one if they wish. Overall, the hike has an elevation gain of 2,762 ft, so altitude is not too much of a concern either. The signposting is clear, and so are the trails, making it easy to navigate. This is a truly special hike that no avid hiker should leave off of their bucket list.

Fairy-tale landscape on the Alpe-Adria trail
Fairy-tale landscape on the Alpe-Adria trail

5. 6 Day Chile Torres del Paine W-Route

Situated in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park, this 6 day W-route takes you through some of the region’s most iconic landmarks, including Valle Francés, Glacier Grey, and Base of the Towers.

This is an achievable, non-high altitude hike for both solo travelers and groups. It’s often recommended for those who would like to try out multi-day hiking for the first time. With accommodation, kayaking, mountain biking, and even horseback riding on offer along the way, it’s easy to understand why this trek has become so popular.

Practiced W-Route hikers rave about its incredible scenery, sturdy infrastructure, reasonable difficulty level, and overall great hiking experience. It’s a must-see for avid hikers across the globe.

The starting point of the Torres del Paine is at the Paine Grande campsite or Hotel Las Torres, both of which you can get a ferry to from the town center. No special permits are required, and the campsite entrance fees are low. It ends full circle, bringing you back to the Paine Grande campsite.

Just be warned, due to its high popularity, this trek is likely to become very busy between December and January. If you prefer a quieter journey, you’ll want to aim for a mid-year excursion. However, if you do happen to go during peak season, there are plenty of trails off the beaten path for you to explore. The spring and summer months can also have a very high pollen count, so you’ll need to take along allergy medication that can combat a reaction.

Fantastic Torres del Paine
Fantastic Torres del Paine

A Hiking Trip For Everyone

On this vast and beautiful planet, there are millions of hiking trails available for us to explore. However, some are simply more immersive and memorable than others, and these are five of them.

Whether you’re looking for an intense and challenging high altitude journey through the Himalayas or a leisurely trail that takes you off the beaten path and through historical sites and sandy beaches, there’s an iconic trek out there for everyone.

Take a look at this video for more impressions from the Everest Base Camp trek:

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Discover the best hiking trips the world has to offer. From high altitude treks to less challenging hikes, they should be on your bucket list. Discover the best hiking trips the world has to offer. From high altitude treks to less challenging hikes, they should be on your bucket list.

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