Best Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss in Denver

Best Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss in Denver

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Denver is a lively city with a lot to offer visitors, making it an ideal destination for Colorado family vacations. However, not everyone knows the places to visit to get as much insight into the town as possible. Many people think it’s downtown, the venues, and nightclubs, yet all the highlights of the city are revealed in other places. So, let’s discover the best tourist attractions in Denver that can give us the best impressions from it, and make your family vacation unforgettable!

Today we will tell you about the most unforgettable and interesting places for tourists, which can be remembered for a long time. 

Some facts about Denver

Before we look at the special attractions for tourists in Denver, let’s learn more about this city. We have prepared some interesting facts about it:

  • Denver is the most populous city in Colorado and the second most populous in the United States after New York City. 
  • It is located in the Western United States on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, about 30 miles (48 km) from the Canadian border and 160 miles (248 km) from the Mexican border. 
  • The city has a population of 6 million in 2015. 
  • Denver is nicknamed “The Mile High City” because of its elevation, which reaches an altitude of 14,135 feet (4,491 m).
  • The city was founded by James H. Kapp and named for David Siegel, a landowner in neighboring Arapaho County. 
  • Denver is one of the fastest-growing large cities in the country.
  • Denver has 300 days of the year of mean sunshine.
  • Denver is a culturally diverse city with an especially educated population.
  • Denver has a park system unlike any other in the United States.

What are the best places to visit in Denver?

And so, now we can get to the fun part. We explored a lot of different cool places in Denver that the locals recommended. There were a lot of them, but we were able to highlight the most impressive and meaningful ones that are worth seeing for anyone who came here for an adventure.

Red Rocks park and amphitheater

In the middle of the Rocky Mountains, just half an hour west of Denver is a magnificent outdoor amphitheater. Created as a park, it serves as an educational center for adults and children alike and is home to many famous plays. On the south and north sides of the stage rise two soaring blocks of stone, which patrons often describe as something ethereal.

The Red Rocks Amphitheater welcomed John Denver, U2, and Blues Traveler over the years since it was publicly opened in 1941. Visitors enjoying this place can also admire the city skyline on a clear day. 

Check out the fossil fragments embedded in the walls that are twenty feet, then visit the Trading Post to explore the fossil layers of an ancient sea serpent.

Red Rocks Amphitheater
Red Rocks Amphitheater

Denver botanic gardens

Enjoy the serene beauty of the Denver Botanical Gardens, an oasis in the city featuring vibrant flora with origins from all over the world. Spend a sunny afternoon meandering through the 50 carefully cultivated gardens, starting with the whimsical Romantic Gardens. Their elegant columns, fragrant roses, and long reflecting pool invite you to take a break from the bustle of the town.

The next stop offers additional delights, including a Bonsai Pavilion and Tea Garden, a Pollinator Paradise full of bursting with bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, and a Conservation Garden with rare and threatened plants. Stop by the art galleries to see rotating exhibitions of works by nature-inspired artists.

Denver Botanical Gardens
Denver Botanical Gardens

History Colorado center

At the highly interactive 2012-built History Colorado Center, you’ll find distinctive floors of subjects observing the indomitable human spirit that established the state.

Ute populations have been in Colorado for a considerable amount of time and via a history of oral before times and a 200-piece collection of artifacts, witness cozy beading and woodwork items. Admire the archival footage of the Chicano activism to see the positive attitude to discrimination in the 1960s and ’70s, and then look at the expertly done Denver Diorama.

While traveling to these exhibitions, identify underlying connections between past and present with individual exhibits, such as those featuring contemporary artists.

History Colorado Center
History Colorado Center

Meow Wolf Denver

Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station is a transformative and unforgettable experience for all ages. Uncover thought-provoking and immersive art across four alien environments of C Street, Eemia, Ossuary, and Numina.

Visit the bountiful Transit Station at Convergence to find the wonders of quests, cunning puzzles, and pure escapism. Awaken your intellect and experience the life of a QDOT agent within the grand space known as the Tower Core. Here, you can rejuvenate yourself from your journeys, and satisfy your hunger with delectable meals and tried-and-true specialty beers from the local brewery.

Meow Wolf Denver
Meow Wolf Denver

US Mint

Have you ever wondered about the process by which coins are produced? Well, you can visit the US Mint at any time to take care of that. It was established back in 1897 to accurately reflect the conclusions of the Gold Rush into coins for the whole country. 

The US Mint organizes free tours Monday through Friday on a first-come, first-served basis. A tour will show you how a simple piece of metal is transformed into a beautiful 1-dollar coin. As you see how the D for Denver appears stamped into every single cooper produced here, you’ll come to understand exactly how these pieces are produced. 

They can produce up to 50 million coins per day at this facility!

US Mint

Tips for travelers in Denver

There are a few details that can make your stay in Denver even more exciting. We’ll highlight the essentials: 

  1. Choose the right time to go. As mentioned in the facts, almost the entire year in Denver is sunny. The weather is most suitable and comfortable from April to May and September to November. So it’s best to pick a trip to these months, so you’re comfortable walking around outside.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. Recommend wearing sneakers or any other comfortable shoes in which you can walk for a long time. We are sure that you will want to travel around the city a lot. 
  3. Remember the journey by getting a tattoo. It is interesting to know that tattoo artists in Denver are considered some of the best in the state and the United States. So you can get a keepsake design or even a couple’s tattoo if you are traveling with your significant other.
  4. Choose a lodging. There are many options for a comfortable overnight stay in Denver, namely hostels, apartments, and hotels. The approximate price for a 2-night stay can range from $160. 
  5. Stock up on food. Walking around the parks and attractions will make you hungry. Take light snacks with you, or build a suitable itinerary so that you can stop at some place along the way and get something to eat.
  6. Take more pictures. We’re sure that many places will impress you, so remember them by taking beautiful pictures. Also take selfies in places with unforgettable views of Denver, because you can get a lot of likes on social media and admiration from people you know.


Let’s summarize. Denver is a very fascinating and large city with special attractions. The most interesting ones are the museum, the park, the botanical garden, the station, and the mint. We are sure that these places will be able to impress you. Prepare for your trip by wearing comfortable clothes and shoes and taking a snack. Have a great trip!

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Denver is a big city with interesting places to see. Here are five of the best tourist attractions in Denver that everyone should visit. Denver is a big city with interesting places to see. Here are five of the best tourist attractions in Denver that everyone should visit.

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