My Absolute Favorite Spots When Traveling For The Perfect Christmas Card Picture

My Absolute Favorite Spots When Traveling For The Perfect Christmas Card Picture

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Do you need some ideas for pre-Christmas photo shoots with your children, family, or friends? Just chill, we will help you to figure out which natural spot can better reflect your personality this Christmas, expressed by a beautiful Christmas card picture.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated and enjoyed annual festivals. Invitations, travel, cooking, gift assembling, and a memorable party are among the preparations. You have to plan everything ahead of time in order to make it an unforgettable holiday.

A themed photo shoot for your Christmas cards should be the first step in your preparations. A stunning picture with an amazing background will ensure that your Christmas card catches the attention of your loved ones.  To do this, you have to decide an ideal location with a breathtaking view that can serve to make your pictures look more sophisticated.

Look at some of the most picturesque spots where you can travel for a picture worthy of your photo calendar or Christmas card.

Captivating Mountains

Hilly areas with magnificent mountains can prove a flawless background for your holiday Christmas cards picture. A combination of classic font, a flowing script, and your mountainous picture as the background will make your card look awesome.

Captivating Mountains

The question is, from where can you get these custom-made holiday Christmas cards if you can’t travel? Well, so far you have two options. One is to visit any of your nearby printing shops and ask them to make cards with your picture in the background.

But if you are busy and don’t have enough time to go anywhere, then an online website is a better way to go. You can easily create your own cards and edit them if you are not satisfied at the moment. A bundle of available templates will help you to decide which type of holiday card you are wishing for this Christmas.

You can add your favorite text even with a basic understanding of how to edit any template. Color of the font and shape of the card are also in your hands. It is possible to purchase a card in any of the soft forms like PDF, JPG, and JPEG. Alternatively, you can order their print form. Another helpful thing to know is that such impressive custom-made cards are available at a reasonable price. What else are you looking for?

On a trip to the mountains

But if you can go on a trip, it would add an additional and unique vibe to your Christmas card. Your own experience of the beauty of the mountains can’t be compared with just a photo from someone else.

So, where can you go to take the best mountain shots? The Earth is full of mountains in great variety of types- from gentle green mountains to harsh, magnificent snowcapped mountain chains, and from desert Martian-looking hills to massifs covered by lush rainforests.

Mountain beauty can be found everywhere, but the following places in the world are the best:

  • The Greater Ranges of Asia– Himalayas, Tibet, Karakoram, Pamir, Tianshan and their branches.
  • The Alps in Europe.
  • The Rockies of North America, in the USA and Canada.
  • The Andes of South America.
  • Kilimandjaro and the other mountains in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • The Atlas Mountains of Africa- Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.
  • The mountains of New Zealand.

Of course, there are many more, and if you live far from these mountains, you most likely would not travel there just for a few shots but for a whole experience, and the shots would express this experience. However, if you live not far from mountains and can’t travel to the other side of the Earth, you can always find a good mountain spot near your home- all the mountains have their unique beauty.

Scenic Waterfall and Lake

You can add extra charm to your happy holiday picture card by taking photographs near a lake or a spectacular waterfall. And you will be transported into another world of peace with the picturesque view of the lake and the burbling sound of the waterfall.

Scenic Lake

You will have great time to spend with your children or other family members. Including these cheery moments in your Christmas card will encourage everyone to try something different next year. 

Again, there are hundreds of thousands of lakes and waterfalls on the Earth, and they can be so different. Lakes can be wide with lush vegetation at their shores, but also can be hardly accessible, formed by glaciers, between sharp alpine peaks. Also, waterfalls can be tall and thin, but also can be short and wide.

And you can find beauty in each lake and waterfall. Find more inspiration by clicking on the 10 most beautiful lakes and 10 most beautiful waterfalls on the Earth!

Romantic Beach

This year’s Christmas card can be used to announce a relationship, proposal, engagement, wedding, or pregnancy. This is a wonderful idea to share with your loved ones about what’s happening in your life. A romantic beach surrounded by lots of greenery is a gorgeous location for such an announcement.

If you have sufficient funds, you can add beautiful flowers and other centerpieces to your background. Doing so will definitely succeed in grabbing the attention of your people and making them pray for you. 


Yes, beaches are one of the most desirable geographical features on the Earth. They can be long, wide, with sand dunes and breaking sea swell. But they can also be small, hidden, and pristine.

Usually, people imagine a tropical paradise with bended coconut palms and crystal clear turquoise waters. But other types of beaches also have their own unique beauty. And they don’t necessary have to be located in the tropics- you can find them even in the polar regions of the Earth.

Freaking Forest

If you are crazy and love adventures, then don’t think too much and start planning to take your perfect Christmas card picture in a forest. There are many things to consider when choosing a forest as your favorite spot for your holiday cards.

Therefore, it is time saving to go there with a group of people. It is more accurate to refer to this photo shoot as a picnic day since the forests are located far from home towns. You have to carry essentials like food, water, picnic rugs, disposable kitchen items, first aid box, extra pair of shoes, picnic basket, table and many other things of your choice.

Different people from your group will take responsibility for different tasks. A hectic planning process can be made easier by this approach. There is no doubt that this will be a memorable day in your life. 

Freaking Forests

Forests can be also very different, and again, each type of forest have its own charm. Broad leaved forests are soft and somehow cozy. Tropical rainforests are wild, full of mysteries and adventures.

But probably the most Christmas-themed forests are the coniferous forests of the high mountains and boreal regions of the Earth, because they are the place where Christmas trees grow! And if they are covered by snow, they can be like Christmas fairy tales! And when talk about snow…

Snowy Fields

Fields covered with snow would make a gorgeous idea for your holiday cards photo shoot. Wrapped in cozy winter clothes, leafless trees with white branches in the background and a cold wind blowing against your face will give you a picturesque scene for your coming Christmas card picture. With a smile on your face, your Christmas card recipient will smile and wish you a prosperous new year.  Add this to your wish list! 

Snowy Fields

Sweet Home

Especially if you are too busy or do not have the money to go out of town for a themed photo shoot. Instead, you are free to snap your love moments right from your sweet home and add them easily to your holiday cards.

There are countless ideas for a picture spot in your home. You might find yourself on a comfy couch, in a study room, in the kitchen, clicking your tongues at the dining table, sitting on the floor chilling, dressed like Santa with a Christmas tree in the background, running behind your pet, having a love fight in your bedroom, creating art at the craft table, showering in your bathroom with lots of burning candles and roses, posing in front of your car, playing in your courtyard and other places which you better like in your home.


Additionally, you can create a cartoonist photo booth for children like a Spiderman, Bat Man corner for boys and a Barbie, Rapunzel, Cinderella corner for girls.

The absence of time or money cannot stop you from living every moment of your life. Make the best use of the things you have for now and be happy.

We hope this article will ease your burden and give your imagination a direction to follow while keeping other circumstances in mind. Have a happy Christmas!

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Natural spots can provide fantastic ideas for a Christmas Card picture. Take a look at what the nature of our Earth can offer! Natural spots can provide fantastic ideas for a Christmas Card picture. Take a look at what the nature of our Earth can offer! Natural spots can provide fantastic ideas for a Christmas Card picture. Take a look at what the nature of our Earth can offer!

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