China is a country in East Asia, well known as the most populated country in the world, with some of the richest nature and history on the Earth.

Location: East Asia

Capital: Beijing

Area:  3 700 000 km2

Population: 1 379 000 000

Official language: Mandarin

Other spoken languages: Local dialects of South and East China, as well as minorities’ languages. English is poorly spoken, mainly the young people can speak some basic English, rarely good English.

Ethnic groups: 56 official ethnic groups, among which the main group is Han

Currency: RMB (1 USD = 6,29 RMB; 1 EUR = 7,75 RMB)

Basic facts: China is a People’s Republic with a President and one ruling party- the Chinese Communist party.

Travel tips:

  1. China is one of the biggest countries in Asia, geographically offering almost all kinds of geographical zones and features (except active volcanoes).
  2. China has few thousand years history, offering a lot of remains from various ages.
  3. China has many ethnic groups, which also offers a lot of culture experiences.
  4. For those, who are interesting in the economy and technological progress, China has a lot to offer, especially in the big cities.
  5. China has areas in some of the densest population in the world, as well as “no man lands”with 0 population.

10 best places and routes in China:

  • Beijing: The capital of China, a big mega city with rich history and culture, representing the whole nation.
  • Shanghai and Dong Hua (Hangzhou, Suzhou and the area around): The Eastern rich economic zone, presenting the high Chinese development, as well as long history, a lot of culture and traditional Chinese life.
  • Hongkong and Pearl river delta: The Southern rich economic zone, full of modern life and the special zones of the world cities of Hong Kong and Macau.
  • South China Karst hills areas: The famous Chinese picturesque sharp dome hills zone, presented in Guilin, Zhangjiajie and many other destinations.
  • Great Tibetan plateau: The highest mountain land on the Earth, with the highest peak Everest, full of breathtaking landscapes and unique Tibetan culture.
  • Tianshan mountain range in Xinjiang: Some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, with high sharp peaks, grasslands, wild taiga forests and Uyghur culture.
  • Inner Mongolian grasslands: The vast green grasslands in the north of China, full of Mongolian culture, horses, sheep, yurts and great landscapes.
  • Yunnan- the multi ethnic land: An area in South China, with wonderful mountains, valleys and rivers, full of local ethnic cultures, where the civilizations of China, Tibet and Southeast Asia meet.
  • Henan, Xi’an to Sichuan:  A route through the historic core of China.
  • Heilongjiang- the far Northeast of China: The northernmost part of China, presenting beautiful northern nature.
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