The Philippines are a country in Southeast Asia. Check out, be inspired and make a wonderful trip to this amazing tropical paradise!

Location: Southeast Asia
Capital: Manila
Area: 300 000 km2
Population: 100 981 500
Official languages: Tagalog and English
Other spoken languages: Spanish (mainly some old people), Minority languages: Cebuano, Visayan and smaller minority groups’ languages, also- Chinese Mandarin (of the Chinese minority)
Ethnic groups: Tagalog, Visayan, Moro, Ilocano, Bicolano, Kapampangan, Igorot, Chinese and more
Currency: PHP (piso) (1 USD = 52,31 PHP; 1 EUR = 59,21 PHP)
Basic facts: The Philippines are a democratic republic, part of ASEAN.
Travel tips:
1.The Philippines are an island country, and it consists of 7641 islands and islets. From them only about 2000 islands are inhabited.
2.The Philippines are located in the tectonic Pacific Rim, so they are one of the most volcanic countries in the world. Two of its most notorious volcanoes- Pinatubo and Mayon are located there.
3.The cutest animal with the largest eyes (compared with its body), called Tarsier, is living in the Philippines, Bohol Island.
4.Some of the best tropical paradise islands in the world are located in the Philippines. In one of them, called Siargao, you can find one of the most famous surfing spot in the world- Cloud 9.
5.The local culture of the Philippines is a mixture of Malay Philippinos, Spanish, American and various indigenious groups’ cultures. Its unique history has made this country the only “Latino country in Asia”.

10 best destinations and routes in the Philippines:
Boracay: It is the most famous sea resort of the Philippines, well known with its tropical paradise looking beaches with one of the best beach sands in the world.
Mount Pinatubo: A well known volcanic mountain in the northern part of Luzon Island, famous with its eruption in 1991, the second strongest volcanic eruption in the 20th century.
Sagada: A mysterious town, located in the north mountains of Luzon Island, famous with its caves and hanging coffins.
Palawan and Coron Islands: One of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world, well known with its karst seaside formations and fantastic landscapes of Coron and El Nido.
Bohol Island: A well known exotic island in the Visayan region of the Philippines, famous with its Chocolate Hills and as a homeland of the cute Tarsier.
Cebu: It is the oldest city in the Philippines, well known as a place of the death of Magellan, the famous Portuguese navigator.
Manjuyod: A fantastic sand bar, located beside Negros Island, called “the Maldives of the Philippines”.
Siargao Island: One of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines, a fantastic tropical paradise, famous with its surfing activities, especially in one of the world most famous surfing spots- Cloud 9.
Mayon Volcano: The most beautiful volcano in the world, featuring a perfect conical shape.
Mindanao Island: It is the second largest island of the Philippines, forming the southern part of the country. Although it is not well known to the tourists, due to its political instability now, it is the most exotic part of the Philippines, home of various minorities and cultures.

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