3 Inspirational bloggers who quit their jobs to travel

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In today’s world, people are travelling more than ever before. Travel is the most accessible and affordable that it has ever been and is becoming increasingly appealing. Social media have become a significant influence in many of our lives. As a result, photos of iconic landmarks, beautiful beaches and bustling cities are being thrust in our faces each day, leaving us with a huge FOMO. Today’s generation are so drawn to the idea of travelling that 39% of millennial and Generation Z workers have said they wouldn’t take a job that doesn’t offer travel opportunities. For some, the appeal of seeing all the world has to offer is so great that they simply cannot (and why should they?!) live by the constraints of a nine to five lifestyle. They have risked the safety net of their full-time jobs to explore the globe. For the three inspirational bloggers featured in this post, this risk has paid dividends. And now they proudly share their top tips and experiences with other willing travelers.

Nomadic Matt

3 inspirational bloggers who quit their job for traveling- Nomadic Matt

Now a best-selling travel author, Nomadic Matt was a somewhat inexperienced traveler before taking the plunge and becoming ‘nomadic’. It wasn’t until the age of twenty-three, during annual leave from his first graduate job, that Matt traveled abroad for the first time. This trip to Costa Rica, which introduced Matt to jungles and a new culture, sparked a desire to see more of the world. On a trip to Thailand the following year, Matt happened to meet a group of backpackers. Following inspirational conversations with this group of people, Matt knew that he wanted to travel full-time. He returned home and gave six months notice to quit his job. Matt spent this time researching exactly how he could financially support his travels, where he would go and how he’d stay safe. When the six months was up, Matt packed his bags and has since visited close to one hundred countries. In his blog, Matt provides readers with honest tips and advice for travelling on a budget. The unique thing about Nomadic Matt’s blog is that each place featured has been personally visited by either himself or guest columnists. There are no sponsored posts or paid trips to be found here. So Matt became one of the most inspirational bloggers ever.

The Ivory Tower

3 inspirational bloggers who quit their job for traveling- The Ivory Tower

This twenty-something fashionista had been tottering around her office job in a pencil skirt and stilettos for three years before heading off on her travels. The Ivory Tower began during her final year of university, when she would retreat to her white attic room (the inspiration for the name of her blog) and use the blog to express her interest in fashion, travel and lifestyle. Surrounded by fairy lights and candles, her ambition for The Ivory Tower grew. After three years in a full-time office job she convinced her friend to join her by starting her own business and working remotely. Within three months they were on a plane to Ibiza and everything really seemed to fall into place from there. The Ivory Tower features travel reviews of predominantly Mediterranean destinations along with fashion advice tailored for these climates.

While I’m Young

3 inspirational bloggers who quit their job for traveling- While I'm Young

During university, Dannielle started her While I’m Young blog as a way of gathering evidence of her writing ability, to help her secure a job upon graduation. Her blog began to grow when, after three months of backpacking, she used it as a nostalgic documentation of her adventures. As she came across more travel blogs, she realized that her writing could be informative to others; providing something new and different to what was already out there. She began to spend her free time researching how she could use her blog to make money, and While I’m Young really started to take off when Dannielle found that she could no longer fit press trips around a full-time job. After years of hard work she took the plunge and went full-time with her blog.

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Want to explore our planet? See these 3 inspirational bloggers who quit their job to travel the world!  Want to explore our planet? See these 3 inspirational bloggers who quit their job to travel the world!

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