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Go to work. Every day go to your office, factory, school, or other working place, from the morning to the evening. This is your working time. And the holiday comes, usually 2-3 weeks per year-  it is your short time to spend your money for travel. This is the most normal image of life in the minds of the most people in the world. They can’t imagine how it could be possible to work and travel in the same time, unless you are a driver, a famous pop music star or a president of a country. 

Most of the people, although they say “I like traveling”, are actually not into travel. They just like to have some holiday for relax, to escape for a while from the daily routine of the corporate life. However, their passions and hobbies are different.

But there are some other people, whose passion is travel. They are not just looking for a “relaxing holiday”, they are looking for something much more. These people want to explore the Earth. They are not just tourists, they are travelers.

However, the world is not friendly to traveling. Everything around us is trying to catch us to stay in one place. Most of the jobs are limited in offices, factories or other places and require you spend a large part of your time in one location. You have only a short weekend, but you can’t go too far from your location during this short time. You can go only nearby, visiting the same and the same places, over and over again. Just no time for more.

You have to wait only for a big vacation, which is usually only once a year. That means that you can explore only one or two countries per year. How long will you live in this world? How many countries and destinations you can visit? Obviously not too many.

If you leave the job- no money. If you work- no time. Add to this your responsibilities to relatives or other people. Seems everything is against travel. Maybe God arrange the world by this way, I don’t know. Because can you imagine 7 billion people traveling and moving on the whole surface of our planet? Anyway, God made a good balance, since only for a little part of the human race traveling is a passion.

But, what is the solution for the travelers? Obviously only one: Work by travel and travel by work. There are some travel jobs that you can find on websites like And another level of working by travel is to manage a travel blog. In fact, it is not just a job, it is a business, with all the productivity tools a business need to use. 

Looking for travel job


Before I know about travel blogs, I have searched various options how to travel more. First I became an expat in China. I met my wife and travel mate Ying Ying. And in the beginning, just being in our city in China, Guangdong, was a kind of travel. I started a work as an English teacher to kids of various kindergartens. But again- teaching English requires you to stay in one place and only waiting the winter and summer vacations. It is an expat job, but for me- not a travel job.

I started to look for options how to make my short vacation time for travel as useful and meaningful as possible. I made a lot of photos and video clips, which I assembled into long movies, started to write about my trips in some travel forums, and to share my photos in some galleries.


Then I tried to organize tours (one of my tours was to Eastern Tibet), however, still not so successful. Until one day, looking for information how to make a trip in Kyrgyzstan, I found a blog post of Against the Compass and wrote a question to his owner Joan Torres. I browsed his posts, they were really amazing. And one of it was about quitting a corporate job to travel to world.

This lead me to another blog- Expert Vagabond, where I found a post about travel jobs. Then I carefully read about of the listed jobs and found that blogging is the best one for me. I found also a list of the 50 best travel blogs, where I saw Nomadic Matt, The Planet D, Nomad Revelations and many other amazing travel bloggers with their blogs. I found one of them- Adventure in You of Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino very nice, and became their reader.


But in the beginning I was still reading Expert Vagabond and his three posts about how to start a travel blog, and what to do next. I purchased a domain in Bluehost, chose a name for my new blog- Journey beyond the Horizon (which I found the best for what I wanted to write), installed WordPress and a free theme, then I wrote my first blog post. Everything was very exciting. I also made my accounts in the social networks, wrote few more posts, tried to make my blog a little more beautiful. And I thought- “now only need more traffic, and I will make a lot of money”.

Start a travel blog


However, almost no traffic came. I began searching in Google from various sources how to increase my traffic, tried this, tried that… but still nothing. Or some traffic came for one day, then- again nothing. I saw there are some courses about blogging, but I didn’t want to invest too much in this. I thought that everything that I need for blogging, actually can learn without a course from many places in internet for free.

And yes, almost every well developed blog had something to teach about blogging. But the information was not full and not enough to give me a clear direction. One of the best free information that I found was in Adventure in You. But again- no matter how I tried to follow it, my blog was still in the same position. So finally I decided- I have to start a blogging course, otherwise I can’t organize all that mess information about making blogs.

There were some blogging courses that I found. One of them sounded very meaningful and I tried a little part of it for 20 USD. But it was not about travel blogs, it was just generally about blogs, so it didn’t help me to much. I found the blogging course of Nomadic Matt, and I hesitated whether it is the best course that I can join. I found also Blogging Fast Lane of Adventure in You, which was a new course, anyway I really liked not only the fresh feeling from their blog, but also the fact that these guys (Tom and Anna) were really successful. So I was sure that if I join their course, I can be successful too- of course if I am serious to learn and follow it.


Finally, after one of my trips (to Bulgaria, Israel and Kyrgyzstan), I joined it. Although I found inside a lot of information that I had previously read for free, now this information was set up on its right places and steps. Plus a lot of a new information, which I had never read before.

At that time Blogging Fast Lane was in its old version, and had all the important information about general travel blogging, focused on traffic and income growth. They have made a One Year Road Map, which was something like a guide for new bloggers during their first year of blogging.

Anna and Tom had also a Blogging Fast Lane Facebook group, where everybody can share freely about his or her blogging questions, struggles or wins. It helped me a lot, so now I already knew how to write better blog posts, how to share them and how to prepare my blog for its next step- the income. My traffic grew significantly, and I got more and more experience.

Then, in April’2019 Anna and Tom from Adventure In You announced that they are working on a new, updated version of Blogging Fast Lane. After several months of tests it was ready and live in August, and it provided a new level of blogging mastery.

Blogging Fast Lane Ver. 2

The new version of BFL has three important changes. First, it is specifically focused on affiliate marketing. The reason is because it can be not only the main source of income, but also because this income is passive- once you adjust your “affiliate machine”, you don’t need to do anything but to update the information from time to time. Second, Anna and Tom have added much more detailed information. And third- the new version is updated according to the newest tendencies in internet and the blogging world.

Along with it, now Anna and Tom provide closer connection with their students. Now not only the Facebook group still remains, but also they have made an instant messenger in every lesson of the course. All the lessons are arranged in 4 modules with two pit stops. The lessons now are designed in videos, transcription below them, and action points. And there is also a new One Year Road Map.

Travel blog, Blogging Fast Lane course


So, this is our goal- to really turn our travel into a job. We are not interesting about “vacations” . There is a Chinese quote, saying: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”. If our job is travel, then we have to make it useful for others, to give something to others. We don’t want to be “lazy holiday tourists” on an endless vacation, wasting our life without giving anything. So, traveling is just the job that we could do best. And Blogging Fast Lane is a great way to achieve our goal.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this video- what Tom and Anna from Adventure in You have to share about their work and travel experience. There are thousands and thousands people like them now, in different stages of their travel blogging career. And everybody have started from a certain point:


Yes, I know, everything sounds great, but joining such a course, and starting a travel blog is not a simple decision. It requires a serious consideration. The blogging job is hard work, and the growth would not goes always smoothly. You may have moments when you would like to give up and stop blogging. Also, you have to invest some money and time. You have to plan your future. So, don’t be quick, don’t make emotional decisions, but think seriously. 

Of course, Anna and Tom know this and they have prepare a webinar, where you can learn more about the Blogging Fast Lane course, which can help you to make decision to start or not a travel blog. Or, if you have already started it, do you feel a need of clear guidance?

Learn more about the course in the BFL webinar HERE!

If you are inspired, press the button below and see more. And if you find it to be your proper starting point for this work and travel blogging journey- go ahead!

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Have you ever thought that traveling can be your job? Learn more about one of the good ways to do it- by travel blogging, and the guidance for it- Blogging Fast Lane!  Have you ever thought that traveling can be your job? Learn more about one of the good ways to do it- by travel blogging, and the guidance for it- Blogging Fast Lane!



22 thoughts on “JOB POSITION: TRAVEL BLOGGING- Blogging Fast Lane course review”

  1. Nice article on starting your own travel blogging I am quite impressed by your write up and would love to start my own travel adventure diary but wanting some direction for it maybe this post can help at some point but this article was pretty amazing for future bloggers to start their own venture and stop their 9-6 job

    1. Yes Monica! I started my travel blogging adventure about 18 months ago. I haven’t reached that point to completely escape from my 9-6 job, and it always needs time. But I am closer to this goal every month. So if it is your goal too, be prepared for hard work in the beginning, and patience. Be confident and persistent, and you will reach it! Btw, Blogging Fast Lane of Adventure in You that I am writing about, is a really great course, and now they improved it following the newest trends in the blogging world.

  2. Renata -

    First of all, I love the first sentence – that people think they love travelling when they actually don’t. Vacationing at an AI hotel is definitely not travelling. It’s very interesting to learn how you’ve started and how it’s going on for you. I’m actually in a pretty comfortable position with a day job in journalism that allows me to travel quite a lot – and I still don’t have the pressure to monetize my blog at any cost.
    Keep it up – I love your writing!

    1. Yes, if you are paid for traveling, you already have turned your travel into a job, although now not by blogging, but by journalism. Then you can just enjoy your blog as a hobby, and if you can monetize it too, it is always welcome. 🙂

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your journey and reflections. We understand the challenges you have highlighted here. Finding the balance between a job and travel aspirations is never easy and that’s what leads us to explore options. We wish you good luck in meeting your goal of turning travel into a job!

    1. Yes, that’s right. The key is: how to make travel useful and valuable for others. If we can do it, we have turned it into a job. Nobody will pay us for a lazy vacation. And in my opinion, it is normal for travelers to enjoy travel as work 🙂

    1. Yes, the difference is not very clear. I think the difference is in the state of mind. Travel is the main hobby and passion for travelers. But not for tourists. Tourists have different hobbies and passions, and they are just looking for a short relax, which even not necessary to be travel.

  4. This sounds like a really helpful course! Dedication, commitment and passion truly can take us places including getting us the money we need. There are so many avenues to earn for a travel blogger given that we do our work sincerely and have patience for our efforts to bear fruit. When I started my travel blog 9 years back I never thought I would / could earn as well. But, now I do and it amazes me to think about it in retrospect. So glad to know this worked for you, best wishes! 🙂

    1. Thank you Arti! Yes, everybody has its own way of blogging. But since most of bloggers that I read about, pass struggles, overwhelming, headache and confusing how to make their blog successful, why it is so unclear and why the expected results don’t come, I really admire your experience, since as I read you haven’t passed through all this. Or maybe you also have had such moments? For me, by this course I prevailed all those troubles and I hope it will be successful ahead too. And I know it doesn’t depends just of the course, but mainly of me. 🙂

  5. As a passionate traveler, i want something that can support me all the way while doing what i love. Blogging is difficult but seeing posts like this is inspiring. Ive done some courses as well but am yet to see the results. I hope soon!

    1. Yes, good courses are really worth, because they give you a clear direction. I am in the end of Month 3 of Blogging Fast Lane now, I see the predicted results for this stage of my blogging career, and I hope for the expected results until the end of the Road Map. Of course, it still depends of us, don’t trust only the course. I wish you enjoy the good results that you expect! 🙂

  6. I like it how you described travel blogging and I absolutely agree with you. It’s not a mean of traveling the world for free but rather a full-time job. And just like any other job, it takes a lot of effort but it is rewarding in the end if you never give up on the way. Thanks for sharing this lovely article and keep up the great work.

  7. Amazingly! Glad it’s working out for you ? I used to work for a destination management company, thinking the same thing. I could travel but that was a joke lol awesome blog post btw

  8. So true! I’m new to travelling and working/blogging at the same time and I’m finding it quite hard to get a balance. And I feel really under pressure to monetise my blog! This is really helpful, thanks 🙂

    1. Yes, monetizing our blogs is what turns our travel into a job. And it is difficult indeed, but not impossible. Just don’t give up and search. If something that you do doesn’t work, just replace it with something else. But since others can monetize their blogs, so do we. 🙂

  9. “If you leave the job- no money. If you work- no time.” Yeah indeed. I was thinking this way and accepted to become money-less instead of looking pictures of the places where I wanna see. Now, I’m a yoga teacher and seeking places to work abroad and travel at the same time… It’s also energy consuming and not a paid opportunity every time but it worths.

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