Discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt by Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise Tours

Discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt by Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise Tours

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Let’s go to Egypt! Want to know more about Luxor and Aswan Nile River Cruise?

Egypt has been recognized throughout the world as a country with one of the oldest and richest cultures, and international tourism grows by the day. There are countless monuments, temples, and museums to visit, but the most popular sites all run along the Nile River.

In ancient times, the Nile River was a main waterway for trade, transportation, and exploration. Today, you can book a river cruise and travel in style, stopping at all the best sites along the way.

The best of ancient Egypt
The best of ancient Egypt

The Best Time of Year to Visit Egypt

The time of year that is best for your visit will depend on what you intend on doing while you’re in Egypt. If you have beaches on the brain and want to spend your days scuba diving, snorkeling, and otherwise soaking up as much sun as possible, June through August are the perfect months to go.

However, if you are looking to stay dry and instead visit the breathtaking temples and ruins out in the desert, the best months are April, May, October, and November. December, January, February, and March are their winter months, when nights get rather cold, and the rains come.

Why Nile Cruise?

There is no other civilization in the world so connected to a river like Egypt. All of its history started and was developed around the Nile River. In other words: no Nile- no Egypt!

That’s why almost all of the ancient sites of Egypt (with only a few exceptions) are located at the coasts of Nile River. Yes, you can explore them by traveling on the roads beside the river coasts.

But these roads are newly built, while the river is more ancient than Egypt itself! The same river, being a constant part of the life thousands of years ago, today is not just a geographical, but also a historical site.

That’s why, the best way to explore the ancient Egypt is by floating on the Nile River, and the best way to do it is by joining a Nile River Cruise. The boats providing Nile cruises already offer not only comfort and opportunity to enjoy the landscapes around the river, but the traditional design of many of them brings you to the ancient times.

Nile River cruise
Nile River cruise

Types of Nile Cruise 

Let’s take a look at the main types of Nile Cruise boats, so you can make your choice.

The Felucca 108

The Felucca is a traditional Mediterranean sail boat that small parties can book for a more authentic feel. They are small modified yachts with one sail and no room below deck.

Felucca rides are generally slow and quiet, and if you book a trip for multiple days, be prepared to sleep on the deck, under the stars. As romantic as it sounds, keep in mind that this type of ship will likely have little to no amenities. Most have no plumbing and won’t provide meals. You and your party need to decide ahead of time what comforts you are willing to live without during your cruise.

The Dahabiya

The Dahabiya is a smaller boat, but unlike the Felucca, it has two sales and usually two to three levels. These boats were how posh tourists traditionally sailed the Nile River in the 1870’s, and they were the height of sophistication until the steam boat turned them into antiques.

The top level of the boat is the lounge area, where you can look out to shore on either side. The two levels underneath are filled with guest cabins and usually a small gally.

This option is perfect for those who are traveling on a budget. However, as mentioned before, it is important to discuss with your party what amenities you can and cannot live without. These smaller cruise boats don’t have the pools, spas, or dance clubs that the larger cruise lines have, so you will have to find ways to entertain yourselves between excursions.

By traditional boat on the Nile
By traditional boat on the Nile

Luxury Cruises

There isn’t a traditional name for these types of cruise ships, because they are a modern addition to Egyptian tourism and have opened up access for travelers who prefer the comfort of amenities at their disposal.

These cruise lines usually offer three solid meals, extensive lounges, deck-side pools, and full suites rather than small cabins. They have a large staff that will help you however they can and will even book excursions and tours for you.

Deluxe Cruises

These deluxe cruises are more akin to the kind of cruises you find in North America. In short, they are floating all-inclusive resorts. Any amenity you can think of is right at your fingertips; restaurant, spa, sauna, pool, bar, even small dance clubs. They offer five-star customer service and will help you book your tours and excursions as you make your way down the Nile River between Luxor and Aswan.

How to Book Your Cruise

It is highly recommended that you book your Cairo Nile cruise online before arriving in Egypt. Traveling to a new place can be stressful enough without having to worry whether there are any rooms left on the ships and when the next tour will be setting off. Booking in advance also allows you to set up transportation from the airport straight to the cruise ship, so there’s no risk of getting lost.

If you are an experienced traveler who likes to wing it and enjoy taking their time to get a feeling for an area before leaving it, you can certainly stay in Luxor or Aswan as long as you like before booking a tour. Whether your journey begins as Luxor or Aswan, the itineraries are generally the same, and you could end up saving money if you find a booking at the last minute. However, only attempt this traveling style if you have a knack for problem solving and don’t need a concrete itinerary.

Evening on the Nile
Evening on the Nile

How Much Do Luxor and Aswan Cruises Cost?

The price tag for your cruises all depends on which cruise line you choose based on amenities. Your average cruise line will cost between $350 to $450 per person before entrance fees. A felucca will cost less than that, and a Deluxe will cost much more. If you want a cruise that has a restaurant, a pool, and all the other bells and whistles, you can easily get up between $1,000 and $1,500.

If you can, make sure to find a cruise whose prices include entrance fees into the temples and attractions. This will save you a TON of money and will help your excursions run a lot more smoothly.

If you are worried that the cruise line might be overcharging you, don’t hesitate to do your research and compare their prices to other local travel agents. If you can find tickets cheaper somewhere else, book it through them and politely decline the offer from your cruise line.

Luxor vs Aswan

As we mentioned before, it doesn’t matter whether you begin your cruise at Luxor or Aswan. The itineraries will always be the same, with the same stops. All you have to decide is where you want to end your trip. Luxor is an enormous city that houses The Valley of the Kings and other famous temples, and many tourists love to book the hot air balloon ride that takes them high over the entire city.

Others prefer to end at Aswan, where they can take their time to see Abu Simbel, the famous  Ramses II statue that he had erected of him and his queen. This site is famous for its breathtaking beauty during a desert sunrise.

Don’t feel pressured to plan the perfect Egypt Tour, but nothing ever turns out exactly how you planned. What matters most is that you choose the Nile River cruise that will provide optimal relaxation for you and your friends, and that you build memories that will last you the rest of your life.

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The best way to explore the history of ancient Egypt is by Luxor or Aswan Nile Cruise tours. Get more tips and info from this guide! The best way to explore the history of ancient Egypt is by Luxor or Aswan Nile Cruise tours. Get more tips and info from this guide! The best way to explore the history of ancient Egypt is by Luxor or Aswan Nile Cruise tours. Get more tips and info from this guide!

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