Planning around travel insurance

Planning around travel insurance

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One of the important elements of travel, although it is probably the least “romantic” is the travel insurance. When we plan a trip, we just would like to focus on the happy and exciting things. Nobody wants to think about accidents, sickness or other type of misfortune.

And yes, insurance can’t save your life, can’t prevent sickness or accident. But at least it can soften the consequences of such troubles. For this purpose, there are types of insurance specifically designed for travel, and this is one of the elements of travel planning. So, read below for more details!

Travel insurance today

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, record numbers of flights, vacations, cruises, and other travel plans have been thrown into disarray. While the response from individual airlines and hotel chains has been to relax their cancellation policies, travel insurance companies have handled things differently.

Planning around travel insurance

The question is, does travel insurance make sense for you? That depends; it can give you peace of mind; if you like to play it safe, it can provide you with more assurances. If anything were to happen before, during, or returning from your trip, the small cost of your insurance could save you way more money in the long run. We’re talking thousands here!

Just as you would do when purchasing other types of insurance, take the time to properly research when selecting a travel insurance company for yourself.

Trip interruption

When selecting your policy, an excellent add-on to have is trip interruption. It covers you in the event that once you arrive at your destination, an emergency causes you to have to return home. 

Cancellation coverage pays you back for any non-refundable expenses, like air-fare. It activates if a family emergency occurs or a natural disaster happens at home or your destination.

Including the CFAR add-on would be one of the best decisions you make as this covers you where regular cancellation coverage doesn’t. A work emergency is a good example. If you are the type of person who has a hectic schedule, you will not regret having CFAR.

Travel medical insurance

Suppose you are the type of person who deals with medical issues or is traveling with a senior, then travel medical insurance is a must-have to include in your policy. Not many people know this, but your regular medical insurance has limits outside the borders of the country. And others don’t cover you at all when you travel.

TMI will reimburse you for medical transport, tests, and treatments wherever you decide to receive them. As an added benefit, in the event that you suffer a terrible accident on your trip that requires significant medical attention– most travel medical policies include accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Planning around travel insurance

In relation to COVID:

With COVID-19 still around, there are a couple of essential questions you need to ask yourself as you start to plan your new travels and adventures to make sure you stay safe.

Question 1

Have I been fully vaccinated?

Quite surprisingly, 26.3% of the world’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. However, many people continue to have doubts about the safety of the vaccine.

The CDC recommends delaying all travel plans, including business and leisure unless they are absolutely necessary. Take all of the correct and necessary precautions when traveling due to reasons outside your control until you have been fully vaccinated. This goes for everyone, no matter what part of the world you are traveling to and from.

It is frustrating and annoying how much COVID-19 has disrupted the way we live our lives. However, people haven’t just been sitting around waiting to see what happens. People and businesses have been doing their absolute best to change and adapt to the ever-shifting climate of public health. So, we should try to help in that effort as well.

Question 2

Have we mapped out a plan?

Have you picked a destination of where you want to travel to? Before choosing and setting a date for your adventures, do some research, read about, and learn the latest official COVID-19 response statements emitted by the country’s government to make sure you avoid any and all unnecessary obstacles that might present themselves to an unprepared traveler.          

These preparations also now include when you board the plane. At the same time, many people have canceled their trips due to fear of catching the virus in such an enclosed space. Airlines have assured us that the environment is well ventilated and air-tight, which minimizes the spread. That in combination with wearing masks throughout the flight and sanitation, the flights can resume.

While the outlook isn’t very clear as to how to plan ahead, having a solid backup strategy is essential during this period.

Question 3

Is waiting a little longer an option?

If diving back into the travel mood feels strange, it is! It’s like having been stranded on an island.

Travelers have a lot on their minds right now, much of it due to how COVID has made everything feel uncertain about how they can plan out their trips. For that reason, many have taken the option of canceling and postponing any plans for the time being.

But this could actually be a blessing in disguise. With more time that we now have available, we can be extra sure to make the best choices and preparations for when we restart our travel plans, if you can dedicate a bit of time to plan and budget appropriately.

Another benefit of having this extra time to plan is that you have a chance to get your credit report cleared up so that you can use your rewards card, if you don’t have one already, to bring back some sweet souvenirs!

Planning around travel insurance

Lost, stolen, damaged or delayed luggage

Many experienced travelers have had to deal with the infuriating situation of lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed luggage. Be sure to pay attention to this coverage, as it is a bit misleading in what types of items you can be reimbursed for if something happens to your luggage. Suppose you tend to travel with more than clothes and toiletries, like computer and camera equipment. It would be in your best interest to request an expansion on the limits of your coverage to include high ticket items.

While things are still not 100 percent normal yet, places are opening up again, and a few more months of planning can help you make some significant savings on expenses you might have thought you needed but ended up being unnecessary. So as we take to the skies once again in full force, remember to do your due diligence and come up with contingency plans in the case that anything were to happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

World Nomads

If you consider getting a travel insurance seriously, currently the best company providing it is World Nomads. Unlike many other insurance companies, this one is created by travelers who understand better than others all the risks and troubles that may occur during a journey, and they can best understand the traveler’s situation. Although their insurance is a bit expensive, it is focused on the good quality.

Check World Nomads travel insurance options!

We all wish our Earth to be a paradise, where we can travel freely and happily without worries about anything, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case with our world. The evil in one or another form is always close to us. How and why is a long story, but this is a fact when we go on a journey. This is what travel insurance deals with.

Anyway, as we all know, most of the time travel is happy, and what we all dream is to remain happy always, when we leave our home to explore the world.

Check some travel books about travel insurance and travel planning!

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Travel insurance is one of the elements of planning a trip. Get more information about the types of travel insurance and their application. Travel insurance is one of the elements of planning a trip. Get more information about the types of travel insurance and their application. Travel insurance is one of the elements of planning a trip. Get more information about the types of travel insurance and their application.


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