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Exploring the Earth by bike- cycling travel tips, the best bikes, and biking gear

Our planet is much larger than it looks like on the globe. Its surface with all the points of interest is so diverse. The faster you travel, the less you can see, touch, and feel. If you travel by plane, you can reach the other side of the Earth for 1-2 days, but you can see almost nothing on your…

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Conquering the mountains- from hiking and mountaineering to expedition

The mountains on the Earth are amazing geographical formations on our planet, a temptation for many explorers and adventure travelers. Their beauty is calling people to penetrate deep in their valleys, to climb high on their tops, or just to get lost in their stunning landscapes. Roads are leading to the mountains, but these roads are limited. To go further,…

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Hiking and biking Rhodope in Bulgaria (and Greece)- one of the wildest mountains in Europe

Everybody who likes wild adventures, usually looks into some wild place, far from the civilization, to a natural area as less as possible touched by humans. And while there are many mountain areas on the Earth now turned into parks, adventurers would prefer something different. So, let’s look into a mountain system in Southeast Europe, a place with endless forests,…

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