About Journey Beyond the Horizon travel blog- explore the geography of the Earth!

About Journey Beyond the Horizon travel blog

Welcome to our travel blog Journey Beyond the Horizon!

There are thousands of travel blogs in the world, and most probably they will multiply, until they be replaced by something new in the future. But they are not the same- they have various travel niches- some are focused on family travel, others- on luxury travel, and many more. 

Journey Beyond the Horizon is a blog, focused on the geographical and historical side of travel. The geography and history of the Earth are full of wonders, beauty and mysteries. They spread far beyond the horizon of the most popular tourist destinations, reaching the most remote ends of our planet. 

Some of these wonders can be easily explored. But others are so difficult to access that only the most adventurers explorers can reach them. In other words- if you want to explore the geography of the Earth, you have to expect adventures, sometimes- a lot of adventures! 

Our blog is created in 2018, and since then it continuously grows with information about general geography, destination guides, travel tips and travel gear reviews. It received a Liebster Award, which was a good encouragement for us to proceed and develop it. And here are us: Krasen and Ying Ying, who manage this blog, travel the world and update it regularly. 

We hope you can get good impressions from our blog that can encourage and influence you to plan your next trip, as well as all the information that you need to make your trip as great as possible! Enjoy our Journey Beyond the Horizon!

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