Hi! We are Krasen and Ying Ying.

Krasen is from Bulgaria, and Ying Ying is from China. We love to explore our planet and we want to make it meaningful.

We met in 2005 and created our family. Our gathering together was a kind of a trip adventure. Now we are living mainly in China, Guangdong province, when we are not on a trip.

Our life passed through a lot of learning and experience, and still goes on to more learning and more experience.


We have always been into travel,

but many things in the life constantly were trying to stop us- work, money, time, as well as many other little daily things. Just as it is for many other people. And of course, although travel is our exciting hobby, the life is not only travel, but it has many other important sides- family, living cost, relationship with other people, love. And for us- we had to find the best and proper balance between all these sides, and the travel has to be part of it. For many people it seems very difficult or nearly impossible, but we know that if we search, we will find.

There is a horizon in our life, beyond which we can’t see. However, our dreams are always there. Many people are afraid to go there, and just give up, but if we want to reach our dreams, we have to go beyond this horizon. And for us, part of all this was the creation of this travel blog.


Most of the people like travel. In fact very seldom you can meet someone, who don’t want to go out of his or her house, city or district. But as we said, there are many things that stop them outside. And many things also stop them inside, in their way of thinking, in their mind- mainly because they are not open to search, but just follow “what others say and think”. But we know that many things that they consider “impossible”, actually are possible. So, in this blog we try to share our experience HOW can we resolve the impossible things.

How can we go to travel if we have a full time corporate job and only a weekend free?

How can we resolve the money problem?

What is really dangerous and what only looks dangerous, but in fact isn’t?

How can we go to travel with kids?


Of course, resolving these problems require adventurous way of thinking. We like adventurous travel. Travel by various ways- by local bus, by bicycle, on foot, by motorcycle, by rent-a-car and other ways. And we like freedom- we are not lovers of the organized group tours where the guide thinks instead of you, and you only follow him, without even know where are you going. So here we share about the much wider opportunities of the adventurous way of travel- by which you can go much further than the organized tourism offers.

Journey beyond the horizon- Krasen and Ying Ying at Yilhun Lha Tso lake


Part of the travel is choosing a destination. Many people, planning their trip, usually choose the famous and well known destinations- New York, London, Paris, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong, and all other places of this kind (and the list is actually not so big!). But there are so many unknown or little known cities and towns in the world, which can give you not less than these famous cities. Choosing a beach travel? Usually Caribbeans, Maldives, Bali, Canary islands, Thailand, Seychelles, and few others (again, the list is not so big!). But they don’t know that

there are many more excellent places, remained outside of the mass tourism advertisement.

Going to Tibet? Everybody is thinking about Himalayas, Everest, Lhasa and Potala palace. But not too many people know about Mt. Amnye Machen in Qinghai province, which is not “less Tibetan” than Lhasa, in the same time easier to be reach than Lhasa! We come from such places- Bulgaria is one of the less known countries in Europe, and the hometown of Ying Ying is “behind the shadow” of the famous cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. But we know what our home places can offer, and we know that it is really worth to visit.

Thus there are so many unknown and little known places, which are “hidden treasures”,  not because they are bad or boring destinations, but usually just because they stay “outside of the tourist advertisement”. But those who are interesting in geography and history don’t need tourist advertisement or at least don’t lie only on it, when choose a travel destination. And here we would like to share about our “hidden treasures” we have discovered.


Yes, these subjects maybe once have been boring for many of us in the school. But if you really love traveling, you can discover much more new dimensions of them. Traveling can be the best geography and history study, and geography and history can enrich traveling a lot. So here we would like to share also about the geographical and historical side of the travel.

Journey beyond the horizon, Krasen and Ying Ying in Tagong


Looking for ways to combine traveling with the ordinary and daily life, we have often thought about the meaning of our trips. Many people go somewhere to travel for few days (for example). And all that remains from their trip later, are only some photos, which they share with their friends next 2-3 weeks after the trip, but later almost never remember these photos, as well as some nice memories, which little by little fade and disappear. Along with it- lack of much money spent for the trip. And usually that’s all.

Yes, of course there is a relax, there are nice and exciting emotions, but again- soon it all disappear somewhere in the past. And for many people actually that’s ok. But not for us, we would like something more.Maybe some of you too? So here we would like to share about our experience in making our trip really meaningful and worth.

Hope you can enjoy our blog, and we will be glad to hear from you, your comments, ideas and questions.

Have a nice reading! 🙂


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