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A quick introduction

Journey Beyond the Horizon is a travel blog, focused on the geographically-inspired travel and adventures, helping people who want to explore the world, to get the best of it, providing valuable travel tips about every detail of their journey, including transportation, accommodation, necessary packing list, and many other useful things.

We know the mindset of our readers, as we are travelers like most of them. So, we try to provide the information that they need in the up to date ways of travel blogging. Although our blog is still new, as a result of the best strategies, applied for our unique travel niche, we are proud to say that we have already our stable position in the blogging world.

Our website and social stats

For the last months, we have built an engaged community of people from all over the world, which is constantly growing. Here you can see our current numbers:

Monthly views: 7 000+ 

Average time on site: 2,7 mins.

Email subscribers: 215+

Views shared by country:

USA-45%, UK-16%, India-15% Philippines-12%, other countries-12%

Facebook followers: 101  Instagram followers: 422

Pinterest followers: 646 (88,36k monthly viewers)

What we can offer

Press trips & Destination Campaigns

We can promote your destination, and activities related to it in our blog- in our articles, our social media channels, and our email list of subscribers.

Content Marketing

We offer an opportunity to promote your business through our best content writing strategies. Then, we can present it by both organic and paid marketing campaigns.

Brand Ambassadorship

Working with brands in our specific travel niche, related to more adventures and unique travel experience is something that we would actively be looking for. It is always one of the most exciting types of partnerships.

Product reviews

We would be happy to promote your specific product by review- travel gear, application, or a website.

Work with us- explore

Some brands we have work with

  • Mountain Go Trekking & Expedition, Katmandu, Nepal
  • Lucky Bansko Aparthotel SPA & Relax, Bulgaria
  • Pinay Keypoint, Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines
  • Zhilam Hostel, Kangding, China
  • Crossbill Guides Foundation, Netherlands
  • Erem (Desert Boots), USA

Some of our guest posts

We are featured in some outstanding travel blogs in our niche. Among them, we can be found here:

Contact us

If you consider our blog as a promising opportunity for partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to cooperate with you!

So, we would expect your message to our email:

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