IrelandLocation: Europe
Capital: Dublin
Area: 70 273 km2
Population: 5 011 500
Official languages: Irish, English
Other spoken languages: Polish, Shelta, 
Ethnic groups: Irish- White, Asian, Black, Mixed, other
Currency: EUR
Basic facts: Ireland is a Unitary Parliamentary Republic, a part of the European Union.
Travel tips:

  1. Ireland is the smaller of the British countries, the Catholic part of the British Isles.
  2. Ireland Island is mostly plain in the interior, with low mountains at the edges. It is covered mainly by grasslands.
  3. Ireland is famous for its Celtic inheritance. It has left strong influence on the Irish culture.
  4. The Irish culture is best known for the Irish music, Irish pubs, and the Irish Breakfast.
  5. Although Irish is the official language in Ireland, it is spoken only in some small areas. The most spoken language is English, although it can be heard in various dialects, sometimes hardly understandable by non-natives.

10 best destinations and routes in the United Kingdom:
Dublin: The capital of Ireland and the largest city in the country, the core of the Irish culture.
Cork: The second largest city in Ireland, located in the southwest, famous for its Cathedral.
Galway: A vibrant and beautiful city in the west of Ireland, known for its old town, combined with modern atmosphere.
Connemara: A large peninsula in the west of Ireland, known for its unique landscape and wildlife, with some species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.
Killarney National Park: A unique national park, the best preserved pocket of the former original Atlantic Rainforest of Ireland. 
Loop Head Peninsula: One of the most beautiful coastal area in Ireland, known for its spectacular cliff sceneries.
The Burren: A unique landscape area in Ireland, presenting karst formations of flat limestone pavements, with rich flora and fauna.
The Midlands: Although large parts of this area consists of farmlands, here you can see the best preserved grasslands in Ireland.
Wicklow Mountains: One of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Ireland, known especially for its Glendalough Valley and its early Christian monastic city.
Ceide Fields: A beautiful grassland area that presents stone age structures. 

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