PortugalLocation: Southwest Europe

Capital: Lisbon

Area: 92 212 km2

Population: 10 347 892

Official language: Portuguese

Other spoken languages: Mirandese and other local languages.

Ethnic groups: Portuguese and some minorities like Gypsies, Jews, Spaniards, Galicians, as well as immigrants from Brazil, Africa and other places

Currency: EURO (1 USD = 0.86 EUR)

Basic facts: Spain is a democratic republic, now a part of European Union.

Travel facts and tips:

  • Portugal is the westernmost country on the continent of Eurasia- Europe and Asia.
  • The border between Portugal and Spain is one of the oldest fixed and unchanged until today borders in the world.
  • The longest beach in Europe and the highest wave swells can be found in Portugal.
  • Portugal has been one of the world’s largest empires, once ruling over large parts of South America (today’s Brazil), Africa, and Southeast Asia.
  • Portugal has thousands of years of history. In the late medieval times, Portugal and Spain were temporary united in one empire.

10 best destinations and routes in Spain:

Lisbon: The capital and the largest city of Portugal. One of the oldest living cities in the world.

Porto: The second largest city in Portugal, presenting a rich cultural heritage.

Serra da Estrela: The highest mountain in the continental Portugal.

Algarve: The southernmost area of Portugal, famous for its fantastic beaches and nature.

Peneda-Geres National Park: One of the places in Portugal, presenting the best of the Portuguese nature.

Nazare: The beach with the highest wave swell in Europe, forming during the winter.

Sines-Troia Beach: The longest beach in Europe, with more than 60 km in length.

Coimbra: One of the big cities in Portugal, presenting a rich historical heritage.

Madeira Islands: An archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, consisting of a big island with wonderful nature, and several small islands around it.

Azores: An archipelago of volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, featuring breathtaking views and landscapes.

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