Sri LankaLocation: South Asia
Capital: Colombo
Area: 65 610 km2
Population: 22 156 000
Official languages: Sinhalese, Tamil
Other spoken languages: English and other foreign languages
Ethnic groups: Sinhalese, Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils, Sri Lankan Moors and other ethnic groups from foreign origin
Currency: LKR (Sri Lankan rupee) (1 USD = 360.53 LKR; 1 EUR = 380.31 LKR)
Basic facts: Unitary semi-presidential republic.

Travel tips:
1. Sri Lanka is a compact island in the Indian Ocean, south-southeast of India. Due to its shape and location, it is called “the Teardrop of India”.
2. Sri Lanka is located in the equatorial geographic zone, so it is extremely rich of local wildlife and tropical rainforests.
3. Sri Lanka is well-known for its tea plantation, and this is one of the things that the country is proud with.
4. Sri Lanka is famous for Adam’s Peak, related to many religious traditions.
5. Sri Lanka presents a harmonious mixture of two main culture- Sinhalese and Tamil, along with the foreign influence. This is the cultural face of the country.

10 best destinations in Sri Lanka:

  • Colombo: The capital and the largest city in Sri Lanka. This is the modern cultural center of the country and necessary starting point for exploring it.
  • Jaffna: The Northern capital of Sri Lanka and the second largest city in the country. It is the center of the Tamil culture, recently restored after the civil war.
  • Mt Adam’s Peak: A famous mountain in the south-central part of Sri Lanka, a pilgrimage site for people from many religions. A spectacular climbing site.
  • Trincomalee and Arugam Bay: These are the best places at the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, popular for the stunning tropical beaches and surfing spots.
  • Galle: A historical town at the southern coast of Sri Lanka, known for its Dutch Port. 
  • Horton Plains NP and World’s End: A plateau in the central part of Sri Lanka that ends with a more than a kilometer high cliff, revealing breathtaking views.
  • Wilpattu National Park: One of the most beautiful national parks in Sri Lanka, offering a rich variety of wildlife. A great place for nature exploring.
  • Sigiriya: A famous rock with ancient palace ruins on its top. The place has a significant historical value. 
  • Kalpitiya: The best coastal area in the west of Sri Lanka, popular for whales and dolphins watching, as well as kite surfing.
  • Sinharaja Rainforest: The best preserved equatorial rainforest in Sri Lanka, recognized by UNESCO. 
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