Location: East Asia

Capital: Beijing

Area:  3 700 000 km2

Population: 1 379 000 000

Official language: Mandarin

Other spoken languages: Local dialects of South and East China, as well as minorities’ languages. English is poorly spoken, mainly the young people can speak some basic English, rarely good English.

Ethnic groups: 56 official ethnic groups, among which the main group is Han

Currency: RMB (1 USD = 6,29 RMB; 1 EUR = 7,75 RMB)

Basic facts: China is a People’s Republic with a President and one ruling party- the Chinese Communist party.

Travel tips:

  1. China is one of the biggest countries in Asia, geographically offering almost all kinds of geographical zones and features (except active volcanoes).
  2. China has few thousand years history, offering a lot of remains from various ages.
  3. China has many ethnic groups, which also offers a lot of culture experiences.
  4. For those, who are interesting in the economy and technological progress, China has a lot to offer, especially in the big cities.
  5. China has areas in some of the densest population in the world, as well as “no man lands”with 0 population.

10 best places and routes in China:

  • Beijing: The capital of China, a big mega city with rich history and culture, representing the whole nation.
  • Shanghai and Dong Hua (Hangzhou, Suzhou and the area around): The Eastern rich economic zone, presenting the high Chinese development, as well as long history, a lot of culture and traditional Chinese life.
  • Hongkong and Pearl river delta: The Southern rich economic zone, full of modern life and the special zones of the world cities of Hong Kong and Macau.
  • South China Karst hills areas: The famous Chinese picturesque sharp dome hills zone, presented in Guilin, Zhangjiajie and many other destinations.
  • Great Tibetan plateau: The highest mountain land on the Earth, with the highest peak Everest, full of breathtaking landscapes and unique Tibetan culture.
  • Tianshan mountain range in Xinjiang: Some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, with high sharp peaks, grasslands, wild taiga forests and Uyghur culture.
  • Inner Mongolian grasslands: The vast green grasslands in the north of China, full of Mongolian culture, horses, sheep, yurts and great landscapes.
  • Yunnan- the multi ethnic land: An area in South China, with wonderful mountains, valleys and rivers, full of local ethnic cultures, where the civilizations of China, Tibet and Southeast Asia meet.
  • Henan, Xi’an to Sichuan:  A route through the historic core of China.
  • Heilongjiang- the far Northeast of China: The northernmost part of China, presenting beautiful northern nature.

China is a very large country, so for travel it can be divided into its provinces:

Beijing                                                                                         Shanghai

Hong Kong                                                                                Macau

Taiwan                                                                                         Tianjin

Hebei                                                                                             Jiangsu

Guangdong                                                                                Zhejiang

Shandong                                                                                    Liaoning

Anhui                                                                                              Fujian

Jilin                                                                                                   Henan

Jiangxi                                                                                            Heilongjiang

Shanxi                                                                                            Hunan

Hubei                                                                                              Hainan

Shaanxi                                                                                          Ningxia

Guangxi                                                                                         Inner Mongolia

Chongqing                                                                                   Guizhou

Sichuan                                                                                          Yunnan

Gansu                                                                                              Qinghai

Tibet                                                                                                 Xinjiang


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