Location: Southeast Asia

Capital: Hanoi

Area:  331 239 km2

Population: 94 569 072

Official language: Vietnamese

Other spoken languages: Local minorities’ languages. English is widely spoken, mainly by younger people.French is spoken too, since Vietnam has been a French colony. Some Vietnamese speak Russian too (you can see many signs in Russian in the main resorts like Mui Ne and Nha Trang)

Ethnic groups: Many ethnic groups from the main families: Vietic, Tai-Kadai, Austroasiatic, Hmong-Mien, Malayo-Polynesian, Tibeto-Burman and Chinese, among which the main group is Kinh.

Currency: VND (1 USD = 22 772 VND; 1 EUR = 27 042 VND)

Basic facts: Vietnam is a Socialist Republic with a President and one ruling party- the Vietnamese Communist party.

Travel tips:

  1. Vietnam is a narrow strip shaped country, located on the west coast of South China sea, making it easier to explore.
  2. Vietnam is culturally divided into South and North parts, which although are united in one country, they have different history.
  3. Vietnam has tropical climate, mainly wet, but there are some dry and windy areas,such as Mui Ne mini desert.
  4. Vietnam’s favorite transport, as most of the Southeast Asia countries, is the motorcycle.Train and bus are also the most popular ways of transport between the domestic destinations.
  5. Vietnam has rich history. Its modern history is famous with the fast transition from war devastation to peaceful prosperity, attracting tourists from all over the world.

10 best places in Vietnam:

  • Hanoi: The capital of Vietnam and cultural center of the North part, representing the essential of the country.
  • Ho Chi Minh (Saigon): The biggest and most developed city of Vietnam, cultural center of the South part.
  • Danang and Hoi An: Danang is the third biggest city of Vietnam, and the neighboring Hoi An is the best representing Old town of Vietnam, offering history, culture, vacation night life and excellent beaches nearby.
  • Halong Bay: A stunning limestone scenery in the sea, which hills are more than thousand islands.
  • Nha Trang: The most popular luxury sea resort of Vietnam, offering a great beach and islands, great for scuba diving or just cruise.
  • Mui Ne: Another adventurous sea resort, famous with its kite surfing, and its best landmark- the mini-desert Binh Tuan, formed due the the driest climate in Southeast Asia.
  • Mekong Delta: The rich delta of one of the longest rivers in the world- Mekong, famous with its towns, channels, local culture and tropical exotic environment.
  • Dalat: A city of adventures, located in the mountains of South Vietnam, featuring forests, waterfalls, lakes, as well as French colonial heritage.
  • Hue:  A city in the south part of North Vietnam, full of historic remains from the imperial age of the country.
  • Sapa countryside: An area, located in the Northwest of Vietnam, featuring mountains, rice fields and rich multi-ethnic culture diversity, the best trekking spot of the country.

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