7 Essential Travel Items for Men That Go Exploring the Earth

7 Essential Travel Items for Men That Go Exploring the Earth

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Remembering to take everything on a journey can be difficult, which is problematic when you need a shave mid-travel and realize your razor is in the bathroom at home. To help our male audience pack more efficiently, we’ve created this list of seven essential travel items for men.

Why is it important? Let’s think for a while.

You plan an adventurous geographical journey to a destination that is far from your home. So, you plan your itinerary, your route, your schedule, and even the unpredictable situations for such a trip. Then, you prepare your luggage. It includes your special packing list consisting of items like hiking boots, a tent with camping accessories, hiking clothes, and accessories for the specific natural environment (depending on the destination you want to go)- for climbing, diving, jungle trekking, desert or polar expedition, sailing, or something else.

And that’s great and highly necessary. But while you excitingly prepare all of the above, you may forget something small, but usually not less important.

7 Essential Travel Items for Men That Go Exploring the Earth

Money Storage

You will need to take money on your travels and gone are the days of carrying wads of cash around. After all, advances in technology mean you can pay for everything using your smartphone or by card using contactless. With this in mind, we recommend getting your hands on a Gucci card holder for men, which you will find when you shop online at ssense.com.

Yes, you may think: “I am an adventurer, not a fashion lover of “glamorous toys”. But in this case, such a money storage is not for vanity, it is for convenient practical use.

Portable Charger

You will find it difficult to get much done without a smartphone in 2022, so you need to take a portable charger on your travels. You don’t need the bulkiest model in the shop, as any USB-C charger will give your phone enough juice for that final stretch of the day.

However, if you use your phone for navigation on hiking trails, far from any electric sources, you can expect your battery to run flat sooner. This situation can be even dangerous- you remain without a map and communication. Yes, if you have experience or at least some guide, you can do it like 100 years ago. But what people did in the past was much riskier than today.

Take a look at some chargers below:

Flask Flashlight

You read the subheading correctly. This flask doubles up as a flashlight, which is a pretty unique and practical way of storing your liquids. If you’re heading to outdoor festivals or concerts in summer, it’s a great way to carry your drinks with you. Alongside 10L of your favorite drink, you can use the two shot glasses included. Further, if you’re drinking bottles, there’s a handy opener to help you out.

And this can be especially useful if you go hiking and camping. We all know how important is the water during such adventures. Of course, you can just bring your normal bottles, but a flask flashlight can give you a better convenience.

7 Essential Travel Items for Men That Go Exploring the Earth

Beard Kit

Well, this one is not necessarily important, if you prefer beard style. By the way, the beard style is very popular among explorers. The image of Robinson Crusoe with a long beard and mustache in the jungle is very “adventurous”, and it has become a style for explorers that speaks: “I was far from the civilization, that’s why I look in this way.” Of course, it is not just a “fashion”, it is somehow practical.

But for those who prefer a shaved face, things are different. Even if you shave before your trip, it only takes a matter of days before the stubble breaks through and you’re back to square one. Remember to pack a full beard kit including a razor, wax, comb, and beard oil.

Rather than taking your bulky electric razor, we recommend taking a portable electric razor, which you can plug into a laptop, power bank, or socket to charge. This is only a simple gadget, but it’ll be enough to keep your beard looking defined on the go. And it doesn’t necessarily require too much space in your luggage.

Toiletry Bag

You can always throw your toiletries loose in your luggage, but there’s no point in risking your clothes if anything leaks. Therefore, you should get your hands on a quality toiletry bag made of waterproof material, which will protect the contents of your backpack or suitcase.

Again, you can neglect these things if you go “far from the civilization”. The toiletries look “too civilized” for someone who goes on wild adventures. Also, even most of the budget hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and Airbnbs offer usually (although not always) some toiletries.

But let’s say you go on trekking with camping. Hygiene may look like something that can be neglected in the wild, but in some cases, it can be very important- ok, not for “good looking and smelling”, but for your health. And again, toiletries usually include liquids. So, don’t underestimate using a toiletry bag!

Take a look at some toiletry bags for men below:

Sun Cap and Sunglasses

If you’re traveling in the summer months, you will need to protect your face and eyes from harmful UV rays. This is very important if you go on adventures in the mountain, especially at high altitudes, in deserts, or just go to beaches.

As well as using sun lotion, you should invest in a high-quality pair of sunglasses and a sun cap. Why are they important? For adventurous traveling, sunglasses are not designed for “cool looking”, but for protecting your eyes. And they are necessary not only for summer but also for winter snowy adventures.

Btw, eye protection is very serious. There are cases when the UV rays damaged people’s eyes permanently, even to blindness, and it happens unnoticeably!

7 Essential Travel Items for Men That Go Exploring the Earth

Travel Pillow

Getting your beauty sleep on your travels is important, so throw a travel pillow into your case. We recommend finding a memory foam pillow that can be packed into a small case. This will protect your neck from strain and pack easily into your carry-on case.

A travel pillow is especially necessary when you go camping. If you don’t bring it, you have to search for something else like clothes, bags, or other things that could eventually be a “pillow” for the night, but it can’t be enough comfortable.

Such a pillow doesn’t necessarily take too much space in your luggage. There are good inflatable pillows that you can fold and put in your backpack or suitcase, and just inflate before sleeping in your tent, or just anywhere.

Take a look at some inflatable travel pillows for camping below:

There’s nothing better than escaping reality and embarking on an adventure, but realizing you’ve left essentials at home can put a dampener on things. So, use this list to make sure you’ve packed everything you need, and consider it as important as all other normal adventurous travel equipment that you normally plan to bring.

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This is a guide about some essential travel items for men, apart from your main travel gear when you go on adventurous travel. This is a guide about some essential travel items for men, apart from your main travel gear when you go on adventurous travel. This is a guide about some essential travel items for men, apart from your main travel gear when you go on adventurous travel.

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