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The best choice for snorkeling set

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There is a whole world hidden under the waters on the Earth. If the waters are clean and pure, this world can be seen from above. But if you dive underwater, the views are completely different- you can feel yourself like in an alien planet. And swimming in the water could be like howling in weightlessness in space. However, to enjoy this world, you need some gear. There are different levels of penetrating underwater, requiring different equipment like full face scuba mask, fins, snorkels and more. Let’s see the most basic of the equipment- the snorkeling set.

Some basic facts about diving

For many people, including me before, diving may look like something too difficult, too far from their way of travel and entertainment. Some people afraid of water and inability to breath while diving. Others are afraid of water penetrating in their eyes. So, many of them just avoid diving as their activity, when they go to a seacoast destination. They prefer to just relax on the beach, or only play in the water, protecting their faces from it. I have heard people saying: „diving is not for me, it is for professionals, and I am not a professional”. Or: „to dive into the water, first I have to get some training courses”.

These people simply know nothing (or almost nothing) about diving. Thus, they don’t how easy is diving actually, and how they miss a great opportunity to touch another whole world which is right beside the beach that they relax. Yes, as I mentioned above, there are various levels of diving, like scuba diving, etc., but if you want to just see and touch what is underwater, you don’t need any special skills. You even don’t need to be able to swim. The only thing you need is a simple snorkeling gear and to be not afraid of water. Nothing more.

The easiest way to see the underwater world
The easiest way to see the underwater world

Basic accessories of the snorkeling gear

This simple snorkeling gear consists of two or three main accessories- a water mask, a snorkel and optional- swimming fins. The main purpose of the water mask is to protect your eyes from the water and to provide a clear view of the underwater world. And the main purpose of the snorkel is to breathe while you are underwater, without the need to often raise your head over the water. Swimming fins are not necessary, but they are good for those who can swim, provide speed and stability while they swim. So, let’s take a closer look at these accessories.


The mask has to provide good insulation of your eyes from the water and a good vision to the underwater world. So, there are two most important things that you have to consider:
Good air insulation. The skirt of the mask (the part of the mask which sticks it on your face, providing suction) must be able to stop the water from letting in completely, for a long time, regardless of your face’s shape.
Anti-fog features. While you are in the water, the mask can be quickly covered by fog condense inside, so you can’t see anything. Then you have to raise your face out of the water, wipe the mask inside, and again dive for a few seconds- a very uncomfortable and boring situation. A good mask must be protected against such a fog.

So, to resolve these two problems, you have to look for a mask with a silicone skirt and fog-treated lens. Although it can be a bit more expensive than the other masks, it is worth to invest.

Another important thing about your mask is its adjustable function. Normally, every mask can be adjusted according to the size of your head. But if the mask is good, the adjustment would be more comfortable.


The snorkel’s function is to allow you to breathe without interrupting your underwater observation. For some people (including me) it may need some time to get used to it. It is because our bodies have a natural reflection to stop breathing when you submerge our faces underwater. Besides, you have to get used to breathing only through your mouth, and the masks are designed to close your nose. But usually, you can adapt to it quickly, for half an hour or even for several minutes (it can be different for different people).

There are three types of snorkels, and all have their pros and cons. These types are related to the ability to stop the water to let in from above. Let’s see them in detail:

  • Classic snorkel. It is fully opened and doesn’t stop the water. Pros: breathing is a bit easier. Cons: When you submerge deeper than the length of the snorkel, the water enters your mouth.
  • Dry snorkel. It has a valve to prevent water to let in from above. Pros: You are fully protected when you submerge. Cons: Breathing is a bit more difficult.
  • Semi-dry snorkel. It has a little more complicated system, with a slanted valve. Pros: You can breathe even while the water is inside the snorkel. Cons: When you submerge it will be still filled with water.


Fins are not a mandatory accessory like the mask and the snorkel but can help you a lot while you swim. If you can’t swim, you don’t need fins, as you would just walk on the bottom and peer into the water. And of course, you can also swim without fins. But if you want speed and stability, fins can be your great helper.

There are various kinds of fins- longer and shorter, with adjustable and fixed heels. What you have to look at is fins that fit well on your foot, so they can’t slide or take off while you are swimming. And if you travel more, shorter fins are enough for you. Yes, longer fins are more powerful, but if you just dive with a mask and snorkel, and not perform scuba diving, you don’t need them.

The most basic accessories that you need
The most basic accessories that you need

Snorkeling sets

Usually, all these two or three accessories go in sets. And it is much better. First- if you buy them in one set, it assures that the mask and the snorkel fit perfectly. Besides, the prices are much lower.

All the sets that we present below are with dry snorkel, silicone mask skirt, and short fins because this is the best combination. There are sets of only a mask and a snorkel, and there are full sets including fins.

So, let’s first take a look at some sets without fins:

SwimStar Snorkel SetSilicon skirt mask, Anti-fog
Dry snorkel
$$Check in Amazon!
OMORC Snorkeling SetSilicon skirt mask, Anti-Fog, Impact-resistant glass-tempered
Dry snorkel
$$Check in Amazon!
Phantom Aquatics VelocitySilicon skirt mask, Anti-Fog, Tempered glass
Dry snorkel
$$$Check in Amazon!
VillSure Snorkeling SetSilicon skirt mask, Anti-Fog, Tempered Glass
Dry snorkel
$Check in Amazon!
Cressi Pano 4 & Supernova SetSilicon skirt mask, panoramic wide lens, Anti-Fog, Tempered Glass
Dry snorkel
$$$Check in Amazon!

And below, some sets including fins:

ZEEPORTE Snorkeling SetSilicon skirt mask, Anti-fog
Dry snorkel
Short adjustable fins

$Check in Amazon!
U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel Snorkeling SetSilicon skirt mask, Anti-Fog, Impact-resistant glass-tempered
Dry snorkel
Short fins with full foot pocket
$$Check in Amazon!
Arkmiido Snorkel SetSilicon skirt mask, Anti-Fog, Tempered glass
Dry snorkel
Short adjustable fins
$$Check in Amazon!
Seavenger AviatorSilicon skirt mask, panoramic view, Anti-Fog, Tempered Glass
Dry snorkel
Short adjustable fins
$Check in Amazon!
Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel SetSilicon skirt mask, Anti-Fog, Tempered Glass
Dry snorkel
Short adjustable fins
$$$Check in Amazon!

As you can see, these sets come at various prices, but in general, the difference is not very big. Even the most expensive one is not „budget-blowing”, so you can focus more on the quality of the sets, which is very important if you want to have nice diving experience.

So, let’s take a look at these examples in detail:

SwimStar Snorkel Set

This is a good snorkeling set, although not in the highest class. Its mask is fully adjustable so that it can fit almost every face shape, this is proper for men, women and even children. The mask is anti-fog coated, with a single lens. Its silicone skirt provides a water-tight seal, so it can easily and completely prevent water from letting in. Its snorkel is 100% dry and the snorkel’s clip is fully adjustable to prevent jaw fatigue.

In general, this snorkeling set has great reviews, however, some people experience difficulty in breathing from the snorkel. Probably not all products have this problem because such complaints are rare, but just have in mind that it may not be so perfect.

Pros: Great for its price, very good in adjustment for various face shapes.
Cons: Cases of difficult breathing through the snorkel.

OMORC Mask and Snorkel set

This is another good set, especially for beginners. Again in the lower price range, its quality is great for its price. It comes with a silicone skirt and dry snorkel. Its lens is anti-fog treated and has a good impact-resistant feature. Its mouthpiece is made by food-grade silicone material so you would not feel some rubber smell and taste in your mouth. The mask’s silicone skirt is soft, made to fit well in various face shapes and to be comfortable for your face.

But again, like many other products, there are some not well-made cases that you have to replace (at least they provide a good return policy for such cases). However, in general, most of the reviews about this product are very positive.

Pros: Great for its price. Very good silicon material without a bad taste in the mouth, comfortable mask skirt for your face.
Cons: Some products come with issues, mainly on the mask. Most often among them are fogging and uncomfortable fit on the face.

Phantom Aquatics Velocity Snorkeling Set

This set is more expensive, mainly due to the silicon material used for the skirt of the mask. It is made by the highest grade of crystal silicon and it is double-edged, to provide better suction and leak-proof feature. The mask also has a push-button buckle for easier strap adjustment. It has a good anti-fog feature with impact-resistant lenses, designed for straight down vision. And it comes with a dry type of snorkel.

Although it is anti-fog coated, seems this is the weak side of this set. In most cases, there is no fog, but sometimes there is, although it can be treated additionally by soap or spit. It’s not the most convenient thing that you have to do in such cases, but at least it works.

Pros: Highest grade of crystal silicon, with a double-edged skirt.
Cons: Anti-fog feature is not perfect in some cases.

VillSure Snorkel Set

This is a cheap set, but it has a high evaluation for its price. It has all the important features like anti-fog treatment, high-grade silicone skirt of the mask with good suction. And it comes with a dry snorkel. The lenses are impact-resistant. And it fits well for various face shapes. Again, the mouthpiece of the snorkel is made by food-grade silicone, to avoid bad smell and taste.

However, since it is a cheap set (although even the expensive ones are not perfect), there can be some issues, at least in some cases. The most common ones are related to the snorkel- it shuts down if you inhale stronger.

Pros: Great for its price, food-grade silicone for the snorkel’s mouthpiece, good anti-fog features.
Cons: Snorkel issues (at least in some cases), related to shutting down while inhaling stronger.

Cressi Pano 4 & Supernova Snorkeling Set

This set is relatively expensive, and the main reason is the brand and its quality. Cressi is an Italian brand, which is proven as one of the best in the diving industry. Most of the cheaper snorkel sets can be great, but with not so long durability. That’s why Cressi is proven as one of the best- their sets may not be perfect in everything, but they can be used for years.

Cressi Pano 4 & Supernova Snorkeling Set comes with all good features of the good set- high-grade silicone skirt of the mask, anti-fog treatment, impact-resistant lenses, adjustable mask straps with push-button, and a dry snorkel. But there are still small issues in some cases, such as water leaking and lack of panoramic view. Anyway, it remains one of the best snorkeling sets.

Pros: Longer durability, with all important features of high quality.
Cons: Not everything perfect- water leaking in some cases (especially on wider faces), not a good panoramic view as may be expected.

So, these are some popular snorkeling sets without fins. Of course, you can always buy fins additionally, but if you want fins, a better option is to look at sets including fins. Below are some of the best snorkeling sets with fins.

ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set

This is good full snorkeling set in the low price range, and it presents good quality for its price. Along with the most important features of the mask-like silicone skirt, anti-fog treatment, and impact-resistance, it is also made with a four-window design for a panoramic view. Another good feature of the mask is its good resistance in deeper waters with a higher pressure.

The set comes with dry snorkel and short adjustable trek fins, which provide a powerful kick. These fins provide good maneuverability, but can’t provide high speed. However, you not always need speed to enjoy the underwater world.

Pros: Great for its price, providing all the important features. In addition- a good panoramic view.
Cons: Mainly with the fins- can’t provide enough speed, and in some cases can’t be adjusted to fit well on the foot.

U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel

It is another good full snorkeling set, standing in the middle price range, again with all important features. Its mask is „two-window” and doesn’t provide a panoramic view, but its lens quality is high. It has 3-way adjustable buckles for better adjustment to various face shapes. The set comes with dry snorkel, with hydro-adhesion technology. And its fins are with full foot pocket.

The main weakness of the set is in the snorkel. Some people complain that it can’t push the water out completely and have some leaking from above. Also, there are some cases of defective masks, but relatively rare.

Pros: Very comfortable, 3-way adjustable buckles and full foot pocket fins.
Cons: Imperfect snorkel with some leaks sometimes, and inability to push the entered water back.

Arkmiido Snorkel Set

This set is in the middle to low price range and is another good choice. In addition to all its important features, its mask is designed for higher water pressure, so that it can prevent leaking even in 50 m underwater. The other features- glass tempered lenses, anti-fog and impact resistance are also very good. It comes with a dry snorkel and adjustable fins.

However, seems its main weakness is in the mask. Yes, it can provide good air suction on the face, but some people feel a bit uncomfortable, especially on their forehead or in the nose area.

Pros: Strong anti-leaking and anti-fog features (although with some defective cases).
Cons: The mask is uncomfortable for some people.

Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set

This snorkeling set is another relatively cheap choice. Its mask has single lenses, with a good impact-resistant feature. The anti-fog feature is presented too. The mask is designed to provide a good panoramic view too. It comes with dry snorkel and compact adjustable fins.

In general, this set has relatively positive reviews, but its weakness is in the fins. They are short but compared with other short fins they provide less power. Besides, some customers complain of uncomfortable foot adjustment.

Pros: Great panoramic view from the mask.
Cons: The fins are with less power, uncomfortable for some people.

Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set

This is the highest class set and the most expensive of all of the above. Since it is the Cressi brand, that’s understandable. And yes, it presents a great quality of all the accessories. Tempered glass, impact-resistance, anti-fog, and comfortable skirt are only some of its best features. Its mask has also a great adjustable strap system. It has a relatively smaller inner volume.

But, although Cressi is a reputable brand, this set has some weaknesses too. And again, the main weakness can be found in the fins. Some people complain that they are uncomfortable, and also don’t provide the expected for their length speed. Maybe the people expect too much from Cressi and for the money spent on this set, but most important is how would you feel during your diving experience.

Pros: Great quality materials, durability, great adjustable strap system of the mask.
Cons: The fins are sometimes weaker than expected, and for some people uncomfortable.

So, let me say again: don’t worry if you can’t swim! You can still see the wonders of the underwater world, just by walking and peering into the water with your mask and snorkel. In fact, diving at this level doesn’t require swimming, on the contrary, it requires floating. It is because, if you swim, you can’t pay attention to the things inside the water. But if you float, you can enjoy some fantastic underwater views. Moreover, floating can even help you to learn swimming, and using a mask with a snorkel can also help you to not afraid of the water.

There is also no age limit in diving. Our children were 6 and 9 years old when they learned to dive. And while they were diving, they also quickly learned to swim. We have seen also old people, who enjoyed diving.

Deeper underwater

All that I shared here is about the first easy level of diving- only with a mask, a snorkel, and fins. It is enough to allow you to see and experience at least the edge of the underwater world. But this world hides many more secrets, however, you have to penetrate much deeper, and for a much longer time. And this requires another level of diving, called scuba diving. This is another topic, and if you are impressed by the fantastic underwater landscapes, you can proceed further and deeper!

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Want to see and touch the underwater world? It's easy. All you have to do is to choose your best and proper snorkeling gear.  Want to see and touch the underwater world? It's easy. All you have to do is to choose your best and proper snorkeling gear.  Want to see and touch the underwater world? It's easy. All you have to do is to choose your best and proper snorkeling gear.

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