Why Southeast Asia Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Why Southeast Asia Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

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Whether the holiday season is in full swing or you’ve got some wintry downtime before you start thinking about your next getaway, there’s always time to plan a new trip. There’s something exciting about the act of planning itself; considering your destination, writing out your itinerary, and even making travel plans can all carry a thrill of their own, even before you set foot in the place you’ll be spending a week or two relaxing in.

If you’re struggling to find somewhere that you want to visit for your next holiday destination, we’d strongly recommend checking out the beauty and wonder that Southeast Asia has to offer. There are so many countries to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice, and you’d never run out of things to do, even if you dedicated the rest of your life to visiting every Southeast Asian country. Here are some of the reasons Southeast Asia should be next on your holiday list.

1. Southeast Asian holidays don’t have to cost the earth

Given how gorgeous many parts of Southeast Asia are, you’d be forgiven for thinking tha a trip to this part of the world has to be hugely expensive. That’s not the case, though – you can have a great trip to Southeast Asia without needing to dig deep into your savings. Taking out a £2500 loan, for instance, could net you and your family a multi-week stay in Southeast Asia with plenty of amenities included, so this is one holiday you’d be getting at an absolute bargain.

Southeast Asian holidays don’t have to cost the earth

2. There are several countries to visit

Southeast Asia contains some pretty diverse countries to check out. These include Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, all of which are hugely tourist-friendly (provided that you know where to stay, of course). Whether you’re after lush tropical jungles or gorgeous unspoilt beaches, Southeast Asia will provide. Want to stay in a bustling metropolis thronged by people? Why not head to Bangkok in Thailand, or the city-state of Singapore?

There are several countries to visit

3. The food is divine

It goes without saying that Southeast Asian food is some of the best you will ever taste. One of the dishes that routinely makes “top X foods” list is rendang, which is an Indonesian stew usually made with beef and coconut milk. It’s absolutely delicious, and if you haven’t tried rendang from an authentic Indonesian restaurant, then you haven’t lived. There are plenty of other incredible food experiences across Southeast Asia, too.

The food is divine

4. Southeast Asia is rich in history

As a place that’s been inhabited for thousands of years, Southeast Asia has more than its fair share of history to offer visitors. Why not, for instance, take a balloon over the ancient temples of Bagan in Myanmar? Alternatively, you could check out the rice terraces of the Philippines, which are incredible storied rice fields carved out by ancient Southeast Asian residents over two thousand years ago.

Southeast Asia is rich in history

5. Accommodation can be pretty affordable

If you don’t insist on staying in a five-star hotel with all the latest luxuries, then accommodation in Southeast Asia can be downright scandalous in terms of its affordability. Many smaller local hostels won’t charge anywhere near as much as you might imagine given how convenient they are for local sights, and even if you want to upgrade to somewhere with a more luxury feel, you’ve got options there as well.

Accommodation can be pretty affordable

6. The weather is warm

This one might be a point of personal taste. If you’re the kind of person who likes a variable climate, then Southeast Asia may not be for you. If, however, you find yourself lamenting the misery of British winters (or any other cold climate) and longing for constant sun and tropical warmth, Southeast Asia is the place for you to be. Its climate is delightful all year round, so no matter when you visit, you’ll get the weather you want.

The weather is warm

7. It’s safe

Travel bloggers routinely comment on just how safe Southeast Asia feels for travellers and backpackers. Attacks on tourists are very rare, and you won’t find yourself a victim of any crime more serious than petty theft, which can happen to you no matter where you go. There are, of course, a number of tourist-oriented scams that you should look out for, but that’s no different to any other place.

It’s safe

8. The locals are friendly

Generally speaking, Southeast Asian people seem to be lauded for their friendliness and willingness to assist travellers in need. Again, while some people will be on the lookout for tourists they can scam, most Southeast Asian folks just want to be helpful, so if you ever find yourself in need of directions or assistance, don’t be afraid to flag down a passer-by and ask them for some help. You’d be surprised by just how willing they are to give it!

The locals are friendly

9. Inter-country travel is straightforward

If, when you get to your Southeast Asian holiday destination, you decide you’d like to visit somewhere else, you’ll usually find that you’re inundated with options for doing so. Of course, you’ll need the related travel visa to go to another country, but those are usually easy to find, and you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to transport; there are trains, planes, and taxis that will take you where you want to go.

Inter-country travel is straightforward

10. It’s a very photogenic area

Are you the kind of traveller who likes to take tons of photos when you go away? If so, Southeast Asia has an incredible amount of sights for you to see. The countryside is breathtaking, and the cityscapes must be seen to be believed, especially at dawn and dusk. No matter where you go within Southeast Asia, you’re never more than a few minutes away from a sight that you’ll feel compelled to snap for your social media (or just your own memories!). 

It’s a very photogenic area

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Looking for an inspiration to plan your journey? 10 reasons why Southeast Asia should be your next holiday destination. Looking for an inspiration to plan your journey? 10 reasons why Southeast Asia should be your next holiday destination. Looking for an inspiration to plan your journey? 10 reasons why Southeast Asia should be your next holiday destination.

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