Useful biking tour tips

Useful bike tour tips

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For those who are fond of exploring new landscapes and unfamiliar areas of the world, a bike tour is the best way. However, you should be aware of the tips and tricks if you’re planning a tour. Through this article, you will go through some very splendid bike tour tips.

Intro to bike touring

You ever wonder that a self-operating machine, aka your bike, can do so many wonders for you? It can take you to discover all sides of the world and can even promote your positive health. Then yes, it can! There is no need for you to be an athlete. You just have to be a person who seeks freedom in all ways to explore new places, so it doesn’t matter if you pedal to the Great Wall of China or to the Friendship Highway.

Those who have experienced bike touring know the simplicity of how it developed mental peace, providing a rush in adrenaline in thrill-seeking riders. However, have you ever thought, what will happen if it’s your first time and you know nothing about a bike tour trip, you still doubt you’re not enjoying the way an individual should, or you might have an accident trauma of using the wrong gear that is not letting you move the pedal again.

Useful biking tour tips

So here are some tips for touring on a bike that can change your mind to disturb your vehicle again, explore more beauty you have come to discover,see the landscapes and new corners of the world. These bike tour tips will encourage you to go on tour and help you learn how to be safe and avoid road hazards.

Bike Touring Tips – Superb Ideas for An Unending Tour

The tips we are providing are the results from quite a few years back tourists. So, before you go keep these tips in your mind.

  1. It is impossible to never feel thirsty in such a long way, so keep the water bottle full whenever the opportunity arises. You never know when you’ll get another chance.Purchase a suitable quality water bottle, so your water doesn’t taste of plastic and stays chill.
  2. Never depend on electronics if you are on a bike tour into an unknown place. Instead, have the support of cash and maps if you’re not sure if you’ll have access to electricity. If you can’t survive without them, keep some reliable portable chargers that come in different sizes/powers.
  3. A compact tour bag is fine. It gives you easy access to anything you don’t want to keep in your clothes pockets, and do not forget to keep a paper roll, mini knives, bottle opener, scissors, and an essential map! Your technology can fail, but the map won’t. Divide and pack your kit in lots of tiny suitable bags, take only necessary things, and write on them what’s inside. It makes packing/unpacking so much quicker and also provides some protection safety against rain.
  4. If it rains anywhere, then put your foot in a polythene bag before putting on your pants. These polythene bags make it so much easier to keep you away from snags as you put your pants on.
  5. Try to ship your bike in a free big cardboard box to keep the bike in it from a city bike shop. Cover it with a bubble wrap/pipe insulator so it will save you hundreds of bucks. You can then throw it away in the end.
  6. Plastic gloves from petrol stations are suitable to slip over your ordinary gloves in the rain.
  7. If you want to wear undergarments on the bike, consider swimming trunks always. They require less effort to clean and dry quickly.
  8. For more extended tours, make an effort and build in a luxury day so often. A lovely cozy hotel and warm shower can give you something to look forward to and help you recover your energy and strength for the next step.
  9. Do not try to take a duffle-back. These bags become tough to carry after a while and can also destabilize you. You should be able to put everything into back and front panniers. If this isn’t possible then, review how much gear you’re planning to take. Moreover, don’t forget to bring a small wedge with yourself and push it in the front brake handle to stop the bike whenever needed, especially from moving when packing the panniers every day.
  10. Try to plan an unending tour because it is not all about the places. There will be things you want to stop and see. This plan would allow you to meet new people, explore unfortunate discoveries, and do more exciting things. Also, wear full protective bike helmet.

Useful biking tour tips


Still, need to convince yourself that it is not too late? Probably not. Then, follow the above bike tour tips, grab your bag, and ready to meet new people and travel the most beautiful highways, routes, and destinations.

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This is a useful set of bike tour tips for safe, convenient and pleasant trips by your bike, particularly for unfamiliar parts of the world. This is a useful set of bike tour tips for safe, convenient and pleasant trips by your bike, particularly for unfamiliar parts of the world. This is a useful set of bike tour tips for safe, convenient and pleasant trips by your bike, particularly for unfamiliar parts of the world.

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