The Most Beautiful Islands In Greece

The Most Beautiful Islands In Greece

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No one can deny the beauty of Greece, and it’s not just the architectural structures. The nature here deserves the same attention. We’ll talk about the islands, of which there are thousands. Two hundred of them are inhabited and serve as a great vacation spot. Pack your bags, and let’s go straight to them.


This island is all about the nightlife and bars; no wonder students love it. Its favorable location also allows you to visit other islands nearby, as they are connected to it and Athens by ferry. The most famous place is the windmills near Little Venice. They are worth seeing at any time of the day, but best in the evening.

Another plus is the well-developed transportation. You don’t have to walk all the time or pay too much for a taxi. But we recommend renting a quad bike or car – it’ll be more practical. And you’ll be able to enjoy the island’s beauty to the fullest. And to have time for all this, plus a vacation on the beach, take care of your homework in advance. For example, you can use online statistics homework help without thinking about it.

Here are some interesting facts about Mykonos:

  • The island has only 15,000 permanent residents. The number reaches 50,000 in the summer, but they leave after the season ends. This may be the reason why there are only 30 taxis on the island.
  • By law, residents must paint their doors and windows exclusively blue, green, or red, according to an ancient tradition. The houses themselves are painted white, adding to the island’s uniqueness. Well, and not to get too hot.
  • In the last century, Mykonos was famous among pirates. They mostly drank and danced here, but even earlier, they regularly raided the island.
Mykonos Island
Mykonos Island


This island is attractive for its white beaches and the most vivid landscapes. Adventurers will love it here: many caves, cliffs, and volcanic rocks. Some were formed 700 thousand years ago but are still with us.

But the most interesting are the catacombs of the 1st century BC. There, Christians hid from Roman persecutors, creating a life for themselves out of what they had. It’s best to take a tour with a local and learn about all the details so you’ll remember Milos not only for its beauty.

You want to know a few exciting things before going there:

  • The island has 70 beaches, the longest being Hiwadolimni (about 1 km). We also highlight the famous Paliokhori, Kleftiko, Sarakiniko, and Kapros.
  • You can go fishing near Plaka and enjoy the incredibly clear water. You must pay for it, but you can take the fish.
  • Fans of antiquity can visit the old theater, which offers a great view of the bay and part of the island.
Milos Island
Milos Island


This paradise is perfect for a retreat. The Ionian Sea surrounds Corfu, and there’s also history in addition to the scenery. The island’s beginning is marked by Mycenaean times (XVI to XI century BC). Later, it was a colony of Corinth, and most of the monuments on the island date back to those times.

Plus, it’s worth looking at the fortifications used to protect ‌locals from the Ottomans. If you suddenly need to write a historical essay, researching Corfu is a good topic. Or take help by first checking out paperhelp rated in this review by linkedin. In the meantime, a few facts:

  • It’s one of the few Greek territories not occupied by the Ottomans – all thanks to the strong Old and New Fortresses.
  • The Greeks use another name for the island – Kerkira (Κέρκυρα). According to legend, the name comes from the name of a nymph who was kidnapped by Poseidon and brought to the island.
  • The island is just 3 km from Albania; you can extend your trip a bit.
Corfu Island
Corfu Island


This popular tourist destination has an interesting origin, being formed by a volcanic explosion. The island is located between mainland Greece and Crete. Traditionally, the buildings are white, and the dramatic cliffs make you want to be there as soon as possible. Obviously, the best thing here is the beaches, but that’s not all.

The capital city of Fira is definitely worth a visit; more than a whole day is needed to see all the sights. But if you want an active vacation, hiking is your choice, anywhere. There are beautiful landscapes here.

Also worth adding:

  • Santorini has more than 600 churches of all shapes and sizes. That’s with a population of about 15 thousand.
  • This island is one of the possible locations of Atlantis. The Minoan settlement of Akrotiri was destroyed around 1,500 BC due to a volcanic eruption, corresponding to Plato’s myth.
  • There are a vast number of wineries in such an area. And Santorini is home to the most famous Greek wine, Assyrtiko, so don’t deny yourself this pleasure.
Santorini Island
Santorini Island


It’s not as common as the previous ones, but it’s worth a look. The place is not inferior and is ideal for a relaxing vacation. The capital city of Khoru is hidden in the island’s depths, and traditional settlements are located near it. It is interesting to explore how the locals live.

Be sure to visit Samothrace, a holy place where the ancient Greeks worshiped the gods. Rumor has it that the kings of the area were ritualized in this very place, joining a mysterious cult. Well, time to check it out. Finally, a few facts:

  • Since the last census, the island has been inhabited by 2859 people.
  • During the Roman Empire, Samothraki was an international religious center. Nowadays, the monuments are far from famous but exciting to explore.
  • In the 8th century BC, the Greeks from Samos colonized the island, hence the name Samos of Thrace.
Samothraki Island
Samothraki Island

Final Thoughts

So yes, there are many places to go, and it’s better not to delay. Arm yourself with a swimsuit; the islands are waiting. We’ve already solved the problem with studying through statistics homework helper, but in the case of work, we guess you must wait for a vacation. Whichever island you choose, you get a good rest and a historical excursion.

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It's time to go to the islands of Greece and enjoy the local scenery. Find out the top 5 most beautiful places, along with interesting facts about them. It's time to go to the islands of Greece and enjoy the local scenery. Find out the top 5 most beautiful places, along with interesting facts about them. It's time to go to the islands of Greece and enjoy the local scenery. Find out the top 5 most beautiful places, along with interesting facts about them.


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