Travel List: 5 Life-Changing Travel Activities For Adventurous Couples

Travel List: 5 Life-Changing Travel Activities For Adventurous Couples

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Traveling is like a form of food for the soul. It allows you to experience a new different culture and environment away from your daily routine. Additionally, exploring the geography of the Earth will enable you to see the world’s beauty, meet new friends, and learn a new language, making it extra special if you travel and do these things with your life partner.

When love and adventure are put together, you’ll find yourself traveling to various places to try some extreme and breathtaking activities in different destinations. Besides, love is meant to be a fun and exciting adventure. Also, what you experience during your travels is life-changing. Many people enjoy going on these kinds of trips with the love of their life because of the challenge it brings; it provides a new life perspective and allows their love to grow stronger.

Some couples prefer to take it easy and are afraid to try new things- which is okay. But for those who find joy in their life through going out of their comfort zone and trying new extreme things traveling with their partner creates new and happy memories you could cherish forever. Thus, If you find the love of your life with an adventurous partner, you will love these extreme and fun travel activities stated below.

Go Shark Diving In Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide for its beautiful beaches, tasty food, and shark diving activities. Shark diving is one of the go-to bucket lists of tourists who visit one of the amazing islands in Hawaii, the Oahu Island, which also means “The Gathering Place.”

Shark diving in Oahu
Shark diving in Oahu

Getting to experience shark dives while you stay in Hawaii is an exciting and thrilling experience you could do with your partner. Swimming through the blue waters doesn’t only allow you to see sharks, but you get to see the types of sea life underneath, such as sea turtles, dolphins, and more. You’ll also learn more about a shark’s behavior and go home with an amazing and unique experience.

But of course, trying these kinds of extreme activities would require you to have a budget. It’s essential that you are aware of the amount you would be paying when going on this kind of vacation, especially if it would be you and your partner. You may consult’s vacation cost analysis to help you assess how much it would cost for you for this kind of trip.

Try Going On A Gorilla Trek In Uganda

Trekking to Uganda’s beautiful forest mountains is an excellent plan if you aren’t a fan of water activities. Uganda has a lot of mountain gorillas that are harmless. Typically, people misinterpret that these animals are dangerous, but Africa is known for having frightening wildlife animals like lions, but gorillas are not one of them.

Gorilla trek in Uganda
Gorilla trek in Uganda

Mountain gorillas could be friendly toward tourists even though they seem huge. They are intelligent and trained to behave when there are humans, so there is nothing to worry about.

Just imagine the experience of trekking in the mountains of Uganda, and with a few steps in, you see a few gorillas, then suddenly a gorilla brings his whole family to see you. You’ll never know; there might be a few more primates you might see during your trek. But before you go on this trip, prepare for the thick mud, forest, and slippery slopes as you experience an authentic raw adventure with the gorillas.

Experience The Life of Yangil Tribe In Zambales

Indigenous people are essential in today’s world because with the various advancements people are experiencing in the urban cities, they continue to fight to retain their livelihood, culture, and practices.

Not to mention, these people try their best to protect the environment and fight against climate change. With these, it shows that they are people who care for the well-being of everyone, and everyone could learn something valuable from them.

With locals in the Philippines
With locals in the Philippines

Thus, visiting one of the tribes, such as the Yangil Tribe in Zambales, is a great avenue to learn more about the people. It would be a fun-filled adventure as you start your travel through a hike with a professional guide that will help lead you on the way. As you hike, you will witness the breathtaking view of the mountains, friendly villagers, and the volcanic ash trails that will help lead you to their village.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be more excited to try and experience what the people used to do there. Also, immersing yourself in this kind of travel will give you a new perspective on life and values. You could dance to their cultural music, converse with them, enjoy good food, and plant a tree since the Yangil tribe heavily emphasizes the environment. Through this, you also helped in rebuilding the Philippine forest.

Try Scuba Diving In Micronesia

Scuba diving is an extreme sport, and at least once, you have to try to live what life is like below the surface. Micronesia is an excellent location to do a scuba diving experience, where you could experience the ultimate underwater paradise with excellent visibility and incredible marine life.

Scuba diving in Micronesia
Scuba diving in Micronesia

Diving Micronesia is a perfect location to have that unforgettable diving holiday with your loved one because of the great visibility and clear waters, perfect for underwater photography. Furthermore, there are main diving spots in Micronesia you might find interesting.

This includes Palau for its perfect dive sites; the Truk Lagoon is the best wreck diving destination because it used to be the Japanese Naval Base during WWII. Lastly, Yap Island, where you could enjoy diving with manta rays, is an incredible opportunity to witness them up close.

Go On An Everest Base Camp Trekking

If you and your partner love to go on a trek, why not try trekking the world’s highest mountain? It seems difficult, but it isn’t impossible. This is a great way to take the challenge for couples who want to take a bigger risk and tick off one of their bucket list activities.

To Everest Base Camp
To Everest Base Camp

For many trekkers, reaching the Everest Base Camp is worth every effort and pain. It would feel gratifying having to accomplish this kind of trek. It’s not an easy walk-in-the-park moment because as you get further, it gets more intense and challenging. Not to mention, it could take you a few hours to complete the trek or for some even days. For couples who want to take on this challenge, ensure that you are physically healthy and ready for this extreme experience.

While in the base camp, you will experience life through long walks, tea in the evening, cold nights, and having a fulfilled heart because it’s a challenge worth taking, especially with your life partner holding your hand. So, even though you feel tired, keep going as the feelings of exhaustion will soon fade and be replaced with relief and pride.

Final Thoughts

As most people say- invest in experience rather than on items. Having some extraordinary travel experiences makes a person happier because when the time comes that you can no longer go on travels due to old age, you would have something to look back on. The best part is if you have someone who has lived through those experiences with you.

Sometimes trying a new adventure with the love of your life does not require that you travel to very far places in an instant. Wherever you want to travel with big or small plans, it’s great that you spend your time learning more about yourself, boosting your energies, and trying new things while you fall in love even more.

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A guide about 5 excellent travel ideas for adventurous couples- a life changing activities with your life partner. A guide about 5 excellent travel ideas for adventurous couples- a life changing activities with your life partner.

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