Five Exotic Destinations To Visit By Private Charter

Five Exotic Destinations To Visit By Private Charter

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Vacationing is often about traveling to the grandest cities and enjoying top-rated tourist hotspots, restaurants, and shopping malls. If you’ve already been on many vacations like this, you may be looking for a different experience. Rather than visiting Paris, Milan, London, or New York, perhaps journeying to a more exotic destination is next on your list.

When searching for an exciting journey, many want to visit something new in a city you’ve never heard about. The good news is that even if you pick the most remote place for your trip, you can easily get there by chartering a private jet.

Below are five breathtaking and comforting exotic destinations that you can visit via private jet for a truly luxurious yet exciting getaway.

1. Bora Bora

Located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and the West Coast of the United States, Bora Bora is not just exotic, but quite a remote destination, and as such, it is one of the best places to visit by private jet charter. Considering no commercial flights can get you there directly, your best option is to go the private route. Not only will you have a more luxurious experience, but you will save a lot of time and hassle.

When you arrive in Bora Bora, you can admire the picture-perfect blue waters, snow-white beaches, charming resorts, and quaint local restaurants. Between water sports, walking trails, and jet ski tours, you’ll never run out of fun things to do in this tropical paradise.

Bora Bora
Bora Bora

2. Maldives

The Maldives is one of those places you must visit at least once, especially if you’re an adventurer. This archipelagic nation has many charming communities and villages, with plenty of high-end resorts to satisfy tourists worldwide.

By chartering a jet, you can travel directly to your destination with minimal fuss and in complete luxury. Then, experience Maldives in an ideal way: explore the fantastic underwater world around a remote island, enjoy the silence of being far from the civilization, and dive into the breathtaking tropical landscape around you.

Visiting the Maldives is a dream come true for anyone who wants to experience an adventurous, breathtaking, and life-changing journey.


3. St. Barts

While it may be in the Caribbean, St. Barts is famous for emulating a European atmosphere throughout the year. Between its high-end restaurants, boutiques, beautiful greenery, and charming towns, there is so much for you to see and do in St. Barts.

The problem for many travelers is that no direct commercial flights get to the island. If you want to visit St. Barts, chartering a jet may be the best travel method. You can get there on time, on your own schedule, and in a private, serene setting.

When you arrive in St. Barts, marvel at the beautiful scenery and indulge in the many world-class amenities on offer. If jet setting to the world’s most picturesque islands appeals to you, St. Bart’s is a must-visit destination.

St Barts
St Barts

4. Aspen

A mountain town in the United States famous for its conventions and skiing, Aspen is the place to be in 2023 and 2024. The skiing is some of the best you will experience on this side of the Atlantic, while the boutiques, bars, restaurants, and nightlife are at par with any major city.

Aspen is all about having elite and luxurious experiences in a setting that makes you feel as though you are in paradise. There are so many private and secluded resorts where you can stay while enjoying the busier areas of Aspen when you so wish.


5. Bali

A stunning destination in Indonesia that is both charming and culturally appealing, Bali is the ideal destination for anyone seeking a remote vacation. There is so much to see and do in the area between its endless beaches, emerald jungles, cascading waterfalls, and stunning temples.

While many end up in the busier parts of Bali when traveling commercially, you can avoid that rush and visit the more remote parts of the region for a truly unforgettable and authentic experience. Chartering a private jet will help you travel to these wild areas while ensuring a world-class, luxurious experience.

Menjangan Island, where you can spend all day snorkeling and lazing in the sun on the beach, is one example of such a remote destination in Bali.


Make Your Next Travel Plan

Rather than traveling to the same cities many have been to on countless occasions, you can experience something a little different and memorable on your next trip. Pick any of the exotic destinations outlined above, and you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.

If you’re done worrying about how you’ll reach your destination via commercial travel, consider chartering a plane instead. Whether traveling domestic or internationally, a private jet can get you extremely close to your destination and cut out the necessity of traveling by trains, buses, or going on long car rides.

Enjoy the ideal combination of luxury, serenity, and new experiences by traveling to an exotic destination in 2023 or 2024.

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Discover five unique & breathtaking exotic destinations for your next journey that you can safely visit by chartering a private jet. Discover five unique & breathtaking exotic destinations for your next journey that you can safely visit by chartering a private jet. Discover five unique & breathtaking exotic destinations for your next journey that you can safely visit by chartering a private jet.


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