Key things that should be in the car when you go on a journey

Key things that should be in the car when you go on a journey

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A car is more than just a means of transportation. The driver spends a lot of time in it. It is important to know what must be in the car without fail and what can come in handy in unforeseen situations. And of course – what accessories and devices will provide comfort and coziness in the cabin of your car. So, proceed reading further about the key things that you have to bring in the car when you go on a driving journey- one of the sets of accessories for travelers!

List of things in the car

  • The documents
  • Motorist set
  • What tools should be in the car
  • Bright headlamps
  • What you need for long trips
  • What documents do the car owner need
  • Do not forget at home rights, insurance, registration certificate. Take the car’s owner’s manual with you.


Driver license

Rights – the main document confirming the right to drive a vehicle. It is a card with a photo of the driver, brief information about him, the date of registration of the car, expiration date, type of ownership of the vehicle.

Driving license is a very important document. If you go on a trip without it, you are provided with a fine. It is possible to move the car to the penalty area. To resolve the situation, it will take a lot of effort, both moral and financial.

Registration certificate

The registration certificate for the car is an extract of a standard form. It is required when registering a car. The document contains information about the vehicle, manufacturer, owner. The registration certificate is issued by the manufacturer, customs service, MREO or the salon where the car is purchased.


An insurance policy is issued by an insurance company. This is the protection of a car from various factors – breakdown, theft, accident. The document indicates the validity period of the insurance, to whom it was issued and by whom.

Lack of insurance will result in a fine. The amount may vary. Sometimes it is about 1000 hryvnia. After the expiration of the insurance period, it should be renewed again.

Vehicle instruction manual

Not all drivers view this document. But in vain. It allows you to better understand the system of the car. If you need to find some detail, fix a problem, and the driver has little experience, the instructions will help you find a solution.

Motorist kit and additional components

There are rules according to which every motorist must have a certain set of technical assistance. This is a requirement of the Rules of the Road. If something is missing, the police inspector has every right to issue a fine. Also, a set is needed for a successful inspection. It is impossible to foresee what might happen on the road.

Accident, breakdown or accident. Nobody is safe from them. Therefore, there are requirements for each subject. Among the mandatory items that should be in the car:

  • first aid kit;
  • fire extinguisher;
  • warning triangle.

It will not be superfluous to add:

  • auto compressor;
  • spare tire;
  • wires for lighting;
  • tow rope.

Write down this list and try to acquire these positions. Various situations may arise along the way. After all, you never know what’s around the next corner.

First aid kit

Fire extinguisher

What kind of fire extinguisher should be in a car in Ukraine? When choosing a fire extinguisher, do not focus only on its price and appearance. This is not just an accessory, but a safety measure. Make sure it’s working and can be transported.

Pay attention to the expiration date. It is recommended to buy a powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. It is important to know how to use it so that you do not get confused or panic in extreme conditions.

First aid kit

Be responsible when buying a car first aid kit. Pay attention to the date of manufacture and expiration date. Review the availability of medications that are required by statute. Store first aid kit properly. Keep it away from sunlight. The most convenient right place for a first aid kit in the car is at the bottom of the seat. From there it is easy to get it. And it is also a guarantee against overheating, especially in the warm season.

Emergency stop sign

An emergency sign will be needed if a car breaks down. It is put on the road, serves as a signal that something has happened to you.

Don’t think that all signs are the same. Make sure that the emergency sign has the correct shape and is made of durable material. A sign equipped with a border is an excellent choice. It is noticeable, will not fall from the breath of the wind, will not suffer from vibrations.

Lighting wires

They are especially relevant at low temperatures. Will be in demand in case of wear of the battery. Current losses should be minimal. In order for the wires for lighting to work effectively, you should purchase original products. It has a quality mark.

Tow rope

Of course, it must be reliable. It is possible that a breakdown could occur. Drive to the nearest service center there are other drivers. The rope will help transport the car. It can be steel or kapron. Choose a high quality tow rope to withstand stress. More details on how to do it here.

What tools should be in the car?

In the car, you can not do without special tools. You can buy a special suitcase. But, if you have any tools, then just complete the kit.

The most minimal set of tools consists of:

  • wrenches;
  • pliers;
  • pliers;
  • screwdrivers;
  • a hammer.

A caring driver will make sure that such tools are always at hand. During force majeure situations, it gives confidence. It happens that it allows you to successfully resolve the problem on your own.

Car tools

What if you need to replace a wheel?

An experienced driver is able to cope with the replacement of the wheel without the help of a master. It is important to act correctly, as well as to have auxiliary means. Therefore, the car must have:

  • jack;
  • balloon key;
  • wheel stands;
  • tire sealant.

All these accessories are needed for the wheel change procedure. Tire sealant will fix the problem of a blown tire. You will be able to move further, and dismantling and special tools will not be needed. Of course, then it is recommended to contact a specialist.

A jack, wheel stands and a wheel wrench are standard. Be sure to take it with you on the road. Particular attention can be paid to jacks. Here is an interesting article on the subject.

What should be in the car in winter

The cold season has its own requirements. Frost, temperature changes and other factors affect the car and its movement. Driver’s winter equipment includes:

  • brush and scraper;
  • penetrating liquid;
  • Silicone Grease;
  • shovel;
  • blanket;
  • anti-towing tracks;
  • anti-freeze for glass.

A brush and a scraper are needed in order to clean the glass, shovel snow on the car. A shovel is convenient to clear a path or dig out if you get stuck. A blanket will save you from the cold if you are in the parking lot.

Special liquids will get rid of freezing of glasses, help to avoid freezing of locks. In difficult conditions, anti-towing tracks will help the car move.

Driving in winter

What to bring with you for long trips

When traveling long distances, make sure you have the necessary artifacts. They can be in demand at the most unexpected moment.

Driving in winter

Charger or charger.

The charger allows you to charge the battery. They come in different types, depending on the type of battery. Starters will help you quickly start the engine. Chargers – perform the function of recharging the battery. Read more about these devices here.


Rags of fabric will allow you to wipe not only the glass in the car. Take several positions. They are compact and do not take up much space.

Old things called rags are suitable for car washing. They are cheap and available.

Water and food

To renew the supply of energy and strength, you need to have an industrial reserve. Maybe you find yourself in a place where there are no shops or prices are too high. There is still a long way ahead and you need to feel cheerful. Water is especially in demand in the heat, because there is never enough of it.

Reflective vest

In the dark, in such a vest you will be noticeable. In case you need to inspect the car or fix something. The reflector will draw the attention of other drivers who are likely to be willing to offer their help.


When it’s dark outside and you’re on the road, a flashlight is indispensable. For example, you need to change the wheel, and it’s dark around. The flashlight will be a good illumination.


Performing certain manipulations, it is easy to get your hands dirty. Gloves will keep your hands clean. And most importantly, they will protect against unintentional damage.


The presence of a map is the confidence that you will not go astray. It allows you to navigate the terrain, choosing the right direction.

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This is a guide about the list of key things that you have to bring in the car when you go on a driving journey. This is a guide about the list of key things that you have to bring in the car when you go on a driving journey.

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