Benefits of valuable travel

Benefits of valuable travel

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Learning how to become a better person doesn’t just involve looking into your daily life. Sometimes, you may want to get away from home to be able to pinpoint additional changes you could make. These may not only affect what you know but also how you think about different things. Sometimes, going on a valuable travel can also allow you to work on your mind and body, allowing you to come back to your usual tasks feeling refreshed and motivated.

What is valuable travel?

For different people it is different. But in general, valuable travel is to get as many as possible experiences that you can’t get at home.

For example- you go to a beautiful seacoast with nice beaches, but you prefer to relax in the hotel and enjoy the swimming pool there. Yes, undoubtedly, you can relax. And if your home is somewhere in a cold place on the Earth (like Norway, Canada, or Alaska), probably it could be worth it.

But if you can find a nice hotel with a swimming pool in your hometown, why would you spend a lot of money to go far away to do something that you can do near your home? Again, yes, you can relax and feel satisfied. However, if you try something unique, something new and different that you can’t experience at home, you can relax again, but at the same time, you can get much more from that.

Valuable travel

Valuable relaxation

Many people think that relaxing is just staying in one place, lying on a bed, sleeping, or just don’t thinking about anything. But in fact, it is only a part of the valuable relaxation. Yes, it is an important part of that, but in fact, you can do it at home- you don’t need to spend several thousand dollars to do… the same, just adding a beautiful landscape of a beach, a mountain, or a lake.

It depends on your lifestyle at home and your work. And normally, if your body works, your mind doesn’t work too much. Or, if your mind works a lot, your body relaxes- at least this is how most of the jobs in our world are created.

For example, if your job consists of heavy physical work, then just sleeping or relaxing on a bed without moving could be good. But to make your relaxation more valuable, give your mind some work- go to a museum, visit a festival or a local performance.

Or, if your job is related to your mind (like, if you work in the IT industry), your body is not tired, but your mind is tired. Give your mind a rest, but offer your body some activity- multi-day trekking in the mountain, scuba diving, or other adventures with physical activity.

Valuable travel

No routine

One of the things that make us tired and ignite the need to travel is the routine of our “normal life”. Most people live in an endless routine- the same and the same work from Monday to Friday, a short weekend, then the same work starts again. It is an endless cycle of weeks that repeat, and repeat, and repeat. The only breaks from it are the few holidays during the year. But they are short, they finish, and the same cycle starts again- week after week, year after year.

Even if you like your work, this endless routine still can make you extremely tired. Yes, everybody is different, but why do you think so many people like traveling, even those who like their non-travel job?

This is because travel is everything but a routine. You literally relax from the routine. Even if you go on an active trip, with physical efforts (like hiking, climbing, cycling, etc.), and days full of activities (like waking up at 5:00 am, then fill your day with museums, sightseeing, visiting this or that, etc.), it still can be relaxing just because there is no routine. Instead, the routine is replaced with something interesting, attractive, and refreshing.

Valuable travel

Tourists and travelers

It is difficult to say how many people like traveling, but it can be estimated that they are at least about 80% of the world’s population! However, they can also be divided into tourists and travelers.

Most of these 80% are tourists. They like to travel, but traveling is not their main lifestyle. Their heart is still in their hometown, and traveling is just a necessary but short relaxation. If their trip is too long, they might easily get tired and bored. In fact, they even don’t care too much about the places they go to, they just pay someone to care about it (a travel company or a tour guide), and prefer to not think too much, just to relax.

But travelers are different. They love geography, and they can see the extreme abundance and rich image of our planet through the knowledge of geography! So, they want to explore and experience it. And to do it, they prefer to arrange their trips themselves. What they usually want is- the longer and farther- the better.

Such people just don’t belong to their hometown- not because they can’t love it, but for them, the hometown is usually not more than a “base camp” for their journeys. Their real “hometown” is the whole planet.

Valuable travel

Traveling as work, and work as traveling

Usually, for travelers, a short 2-3 weeks of holiday is too “narrow”. It is like forcing someone who goes on an expedition to Mount Everest to stay almost all the time only in the base camp.

So, what is the solution? It could be to turn travel into work and work into travel. Yes, they can just work something that allows them to be free from the limits of an office with working hours, like an online IT job or online language teaching. However, if this job is not only flexible and free from limits but also travel-related (like travel blogging or vlogging, sponsored trips, etc.), it would be the best scenario. Because their travel becomes valuable in every aspect of their life.

But not everybody can live like that. And not everybody wants to live in this way. So, let’s back to “normal travel” and take a look at some useful tips about it.

Valuable travel

Tap into creativity

The trips you go could leave you feeling far more imaginative than before. Travel goals can vary from wild trekking in remote places on the Earth, to cultural experiences in big cities in the civilization.

For example, seeing New York Broadway shows can allow you to experience theatre like you might not have seen it before. Some of the shows found here may also be available in the UK, so you might want to pick one that you can’t see back home. Watching theatre performances can be a great way to explore a passion for drama, dance, or music, or simply allow you to relax. This could also be a great idea for those who wish to go traveling with their partner, especially if the performance you plan to view has romantic themes.

Valuable travel

Embrace different cultures

When you travel to new locations, you may find that people act, dress, and talk differently from what you are used to. While those who live in a city may already be used to diversity, those from smaller regions may not have had the opportunity to spend time with people from different walks of life.

You may find that you discover new passions when doing so, from the food that people eat to the way they interact with one another. These experiences could allow you to become a much more tolerant person within your own community, and even find it easier to engage with others from different cultures.

Valuable travel

Learn to relax

Yes, let’s talk about relaxing again. Although working on yourself can be important, you might also want to learn how to properly relax. With the amount of pressure on people to meet their needs financially, do well in business or schooling, and even attend social obligations, it may be understandable if you are stressed.

This stress may not only affect the mind, but also wreak havoc on your body as well in the form of aches, illness, and even weight fluctuation. Traveling can enable you to take the time to be at peace with yourself. This may be even easier if you don’t have your laptop or phone with you at all times, enabling you to switch off from work and other responsibilities. That practice may then be something you wish to continue at home.

Growing as a person can involve a lot of work. However, you may also find you learn something about both yourself and others during the time spent on a trip. Opening yourself up to new experiences, and being willing to try new things, could help you to improve the person you were before you started exploring our planet.

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Traveling is an amazing experience, a precious part of most people's life. But to get the best of it, your travel should be valuable. Traveling is an amazing experience, a precious part of most people's life. But to get the best of it, your travel should be valuable. Traveling is an amazing experience, a precious part of most people's life. But to get the best of it, your travel should be valuable.

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